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Heater Thermostats | Accessories

The efficiency of your heating system is often determined by the accessories you choose. That's why we offer a range of thermostats and accessories designed to maximize your comfort and the efficiency of your heaters. Our controls allow you to automate your heater's operation, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Why invest in a thermostat? A thermostat provides precise control over your heater's operation, maintaining the perfect temperature in your space. This prevents overheating and ensures consistent comfort, all while saving on energy costs. And with the SmartLife app for Herschel heaters, you can control your heating from anywhere, adding convenience to your comfort.

Alongside our range of thermostats, we also offer accessories like stands and feet to turn heaters into portable units. In essence, our heater accessories are designed to simplify your heating experience. Remember, when it comes to efficient heating, it's not just the heater but also the right accessories that make all the difference.

We also have a Complete guide to Heaters and Heating. This covers thermostats as well as other accessories and all types of heaters and heating.