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Fire Pit Accessories

Introducing the ultimate toolkit for the backyard bonfire boss - our collection of fire pit accessories! Whether you're cooking up a storm or just relaxing around the flames, these top-quality tools will take your fire pit game to the next level.

Fire Pit Accessory: Fire poker | Stoker

First up, the fire poker. It's the perfect tool for adjusting logs and stoking the fire, keeping those flames dancing in perfect harmony. And with our collection of fire pokers, available in both cast iron and stainless steel, you'll have your choice of the ultimate fire-wrangling weapons.

Fire Pit Accessory: Fire pit lids

If you're looking to protect your fire pit from the elements, then look no further than our fire pit lids. Made from the toughest materials, our lids will keep your fire pit safe and secure from the elements, making sure it's always ready for action. An Added benefit is the comfort of mind at the end of the night when the lid can help smother the flames and ensure no stray ember can wreak havoc while your catching dreams.

Fire Pit Accessory: Fire pit BBQ grills

And for those who like to grill up a storm, we've got you covered too. Our fire pit BBQ grills will turn your fire pit into the ultimate cooking machine, perfect for whipping up a delicious meal in no time.

Fire Pit Accessory: Fire pit ember screens

Last but not least, the fire pit ember shields. These handy accessories will keep you safe from flying sparks and embers, ensuring that you can relax by the fire without worrying about any unwanted surprises. Available in cast iron our ember shields are as tough as they come, ready to stand up to whatever your fire pit can throw at them.

So whether you're a seasoned fire pit pro or just starting out, our collection of fire pit accessories will make sure your fires are always roaring and ready to go. If you are stuck for ideas or need any information about any of the fire pit accessories, or fire pits in general, read our Ultimate Guide to Fire Pits or contact us anytime via email, phone, or the in-store messenger. We will get back to you ASAP!