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Portable Spit | Rotisseries | Auspit

Introducing our compact yet incredibly capable line of portable spits and rotisseries, meticulously designed for the adventurous foodie. At a convenient length of 1m, these devices are perfect for those who refuse to compromise on their cooking experience, regardless of the location.

Our portable spit roasters can fold up neatly, equipped with handles for easy transportation. Some models even come in custom-made bags, enhancing their portability and making them a quintessential part of your camping gear. What's more, these compact culinary companions can transform into a complete outdoor kitchen with the inclusion of a variety of handy accessories.

Portable spit packages come equipped with:

portable rotisserie spit option differences table
  1. Portable Spit BBQ Rotisserie Package
  2. Portable Camping BBQ Rotisserie SS
  3. Portable Camping BBQ Rotisserie Black

Auspit's portable spits also include a fire tray, useful when a ground fire isn't feasible. The swingarm keeps your billy boiling, while the Spitmate junior perfectly roasts your veggies. The kit also offers Gyros discs for kebabs and a 1m long, 12mm round stainless steel skewer for easy cleaning and longevity.

Some portable spit models are powered by an 8kg capacity battery-operated motor, delivering up to 30 hours of runtime on two D-Size batteries. Finally, with 2x 70mm and 4x 130mm prongs included, your portable spit is ready to tackle any culinary challenge you throw at it. Make outdoor cooking a breeze with our portable spits and rotisseries!

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