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Bar Fridges Australia

Enjoy FREE delivery in NSW, VIC, QLD (Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast), and the Adelaide region.

As industry trailblazers, we thrive on innovation and design, tailoring many products to suit Australia's rugged climate and lifestyle. The burgeoning market for outdoor entertainment fuels our offerings, with our Outdoor Alfresco commercial-style bar fridges poised to meet this demand.

Among these, the GSP (Green Sense Plus) range takes the lead in energy efficiency and performance, boasting Brand Name Parts from Brazil, Germany, and Italy. These units, perfected over three years of collaboration with Staycold in the UK bear an IP rating for outdoor use, a testament to our relentless pursuit of quality.

Australian brand names, Schmick and Rhino, shine as Australian-specific designs, crafted to withstand the nation's demanding outdoor conditions. Specially selected and designed components make them unrivalled outdoor bar fridges in the country. The brands come in all shapes and sizes, from large 3 door models to small bar fridges, perfect for underneath counters and behind cabinets.

Fridges serve as essential companions to outdoor kitchens, keeping drinks refreshingly chilled amid the Australian summer heat while providing storage space for grilling essentials. Our wide assortment ranges from timeless stainless steel aesthetics to sleek black designs, ensuring a perfect fit for every preference.

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