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The Herschel T-PL Thermostat offers a compact, plugin solution for controlling your Herschel XLS heaters, leveraging the latest technology to provide easy and efficient operation.

Infrared Heater Thermostat | Herschel T-PLKey Features

The T-PL Thermostat offers:

  1. Energy-Saving Features: Uses advanced technology to optimize energy usage.
  2. Plugin Operation: Offers easy setup by plugging directly into the mains.
  3. Digital Display: Allows easy monitoring and control.
  4. App-Enabled: Offers remote control through the Smartlife App.
  5. 7-Day Programmable Schedule (with App): Lets you set desired heating schedules for each day of the week.
  6. Multi-Heater Control: Capable of controlling multiple heaters at once.

Detailed Overview

The Herschel T-PL is a compact, plugin thermostat control designed to exclusively work with Herschel XLS heaters with built-in SMART-R receivers.

The T-PL features manual temperature control along with a 24-hour timer. Enhanced with WiFi capability, it allows remote heating control via the Smartlife App or by voice control using Alexa or Google Assistant. Using the Smartlife App also enables a 7-day program with four periods per day.

Whether you are adjusting manually or using the app, T-PL operates your Herschel heater(s) by turning them ON if the room temperature is lower than the desired temperature and OFF once the desired temperature is reached or exceeded.

The T-PL can be paired with more than one heater, allowing multiple heaters within the same room to be controlled with a single T-PL thermostat.

Please note that the T-PL will only work with Herschel XLS heaters. It is not compatible with any other brand of infrared heater.

Technical Specifications

The T-PL comes with a very clear backlit digital control display and easy-to-use functions, including the latest energy-saving technology:

Without App:

  • Manual Temperature Control: Offers a straightforward temperature regulation.
  • Setpoint Range and Accuracy: 5 – 37°C with +/- 1°C accuracy.
  • Countdown Timer: Allows for precise heating control.

With App:

  • 7-Day Programmable: Lets you set desired heating schedules for each day.
  • Manual, Away & Timer Modes: Offers flexible control over your heating system.
  • Protection Level: IPX0 - not suitable for zones 0-2 in bathrooms.
  • Multi-Heater Control: Control multiple Herschel XLS heaters with one T-PL control.
  • Voice Control: Supports Alexa or Google Assistant when used with the App.

Other Features:

  • Radio Frequency 433Mhz: Reliable and efficient operation.
  • WiFi: Supports 2.4GHz wifi networks.
  • Wireless Range: 35m for comprehensive coverage.
  • 24-Month Warranty: Offers peace of mind.

The T-PL with Herschel XLS Infrared heaters complies with the EC Directive 2009/125/EC for Ecodesign of local space heaters.

Quality & Safety

Herschel Controllers maintain high standards of quality and safety, providing a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting solution for your heating control needs.

Infrared Heater Thermostat | Herschel T-PL Documentation Manual | App Links

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