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Upright Bar Fridges

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For those seeking a compact yet efficient solution, our single-door upright bar fridges are perfect for smaller spaces. These fridges offer ample storage capacity for beverages, snacks, and other essentials while ensuring your drinks are kept at the optimal temperature for enjoyment.

If you require more storage space or want to organise your beverages separately, our two-door upright bar fridges are the ideal choice. With separate compartments, you can effortlessly keep your beer and wine selections at their respective temperatures, ensuring each beverage is served just the way you like it.

For the ultimate in versatility, explore our combination upright bar fridges, specially designed to cater to both beer and wine. These innovative fridges feature dual-zone cooling, allowing you to set distinct temperatures for beer and wine compartments. Now, you can serve your favourite brews and wine varietals at their ideal chilling points, impressing your guests with perfectly cooled drinks.

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  • Bar Fridge | 135 Litre Upright in black with door open Bar Fridge | 135 Litre Upright in black with door closed and full of drinks Save $210.00
    Bar Fridge | 135 Litre Upright
    Original Price $1,937.00
    Current Price $1,727.00

    Bar Fridge | 135 Litre Upright Perfect for Space-Constrained Areas Looking for a unique and stylish way to showcase your drinks without comprom...

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    Original Price $1,937.00
    Current Price $1,727.00
    Save $210.00