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  • Pizza Recipe | cooked pizza sitting inside wood fired pizza oven
    February 29, 2024 Allan Cooper

    Top 5 Aussie Inspired Pizza Recipes

    If you're looking to bring the vibrant tastes of Australia to your backyard, you've come to the right place. Our specially made collection of Aussie-inspired pizza recipes is perfect for those who enjoy the smoky flavour of a wood-fired oven or the convenience of a gas pizza oven. From the rich, savory layers of the Aussie Barbecue Chicken Pizza to the unique twist of Vegemite and Cheese Pizza
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  • Best Reverse Seared Rib Fillet Steak | 3 plates served with perfectly cooked medium rare rib fillet steaks reverse seared. served with green pesto pasta and traditional coleslaw
    September 24, 2023 Allan Cooper

    Perfect Reverse Seared Rib Fillet Steak

    Unleash the true potential of your rib fillet steak with our guide to the art of reverse-searing on the smoker or oven. Transform a thick, beautifully marbled cut of meat into a smokey, tender masterpiece that will captivate your taste buds. Join us on a cooking journey, from selecting the perfect rib fillet to mastering the smoker, and discover the secrets to achieving that perfect, mouthwatering sear. Elevate your grilling game and create unforgettable moments with family and friends around the smoker. Explore the essence of flavour, texture, and precision with our expertly crafted recipe
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  • Recipe: Best Smoked Beef Brisket & Texas sliders
    April 17, 2023 Allan Cooper

    Recipe: Best Smoked Beef Brisket & Texas sliders

    Dive into the delicious world of smoked beef brisket with our Best Smoked Beef Brisket recipe by Outdoor Living Australia. This succulent dish boasts a well-marbled brisket coated in a flavorful spice rub, smoked to perfection over hickory wood chips or pellets. Paired with classic Aussie BBQ sides, it's a meal you won't forget. And for a finger-licking twist, transform the smoked brisket into mouthwatering Texas-Style Brisket Sliders. These irresistible mini sandwiches are loaded with tender brisket, tangy sauce, coleslaw, dill pickles, and red onion, all nestled between toasted slider buns. Whether you're planning a backyard gathering or simply craving a taste of the outdoors, these recipes are sure to satisfy your BBQ cravings.
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  • Recipe: How To BBQ The Perfect Roast Pork
    April 16, 2023 Allan Cooper

    Recipe: How To BBQ The Perfect Roast Pork

    Discover how to create the perfect charcoal BBQ roast pork with our detailed recipe. Start by preparing a flavorful dry rub mixture and marinate the pork loin roast for 6-24 hours. Set up a two-zone fire on your charcoal grill, adding Applewood chips for a smoky flavor. Cook the roast over indirect heat for 2-3 hours, maintaining a consistent temperature. Once it reaches your desired doneness, let the roast rest before slicing and serving. Follow our tips and tricks for a delicious and tender BBQ roast pork experience.

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  • a large rib steak on the bone with garnishes around it
    April 14, 2023 Allan Cooper

    Smoky Hickory Tomahawk Steak | Pellet Smoker

    The Smoky Hickory Tomahawk Steak on a Smoker Grill is a delicious and flavourful dish that takes about 3 hours to prepare and cook. The recipe serves 2-4 people and involves seasoning a tomahawk steak with a homemade rub, smoking the steak on a pellet smoker or offset smoker grill, searing it on high heat, and then allowing it to rest before slicing and serving. The steak is seasoned with a mix of spices, The dish is garnished with fresh rosemary sprigs and drizzled with melted butter before serving.
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