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Designed in Australia, 2-year warranty, stainless steel, price match guarantee

Welcome to our collection of Parrilla grills and spit roasters. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with our unique selection, which includes Argentine Parrilla, Parrilla with firebricks, and a hooded Cyprus spit roaster.

At our store, we understand the artistry and passion that go into creating mouthwatering grilled dishes. That's why we have curated a collection of Parrilla grills and spit roasters that are sure to impress both seasoned grill masters and cooking enthusiasts alike.

Argentine Parrilla Grill

Our Argentine Parrilla grills are a true standout, offering an authentic and traditional grilling experience. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these grills are designed to capture the essence of Argentine-style cooking. With their adjustable grill grates, you have full control over the intensity of heat, allowing you to achieve the perfect sear and smoky flavours in your meats.

Parrilla Grill with Firebricks

For those seeking versatility and enhanced heat retention, The Parrilla grill with firebricks is the ideal choice. These grills feature carefully placed firebricks that help distribute heat evenly, ensuring consistent cooking temperatures and exceptional flavour infusion. Whether you're grilling steaks, vegetables, or even pizza, the Parrilla grill with firebricks delivers outstanding results every time.

Looking to take your grilling game to new heights? The hooded Cyprus spit roaster is the ultimate tool for achieving succulent and evenly cooked meats. With its innovative design and robust construction, this spit roaster offers the perfect balance of convenience and performance.

Browse our collection of Parrilla grills and spit roasters today and discover the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal. Whether you're a grilling professional or a passionate home cook, our unique range is designed to meet your specific needs and help you achieve outstanding results. Embrace the flavours, master the art of grilling, and make a statement with our exceptional Parrilla grills and spit roasters.