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The Herschel T-BT Thermostat: Your Compact Battery-Powered Heating Control

Maximize the effectiveness of your Herschel XLS heaters with the T-BT Thermostat, a battery-operated device designed specifically to provide smart control over your heating system.

Infrared Heater Thermostat | Herschel T-BT Key Features

The T-BT Thermostat distinguishes itself with these main features:

  1. Energy-Efficient (Lot 20) Features: Ensures sustainable and efficient heating control.
  2. Battery Operated with Digital Display: Allows easy power source and provides clear digital readouts for effortless setting adjustments.
  3. 7-Day Programmable: Lets you set your desired heating schedule for each day of the week.
  4. Open Window & Adaptive Start: Smart features for enhanced energy efficiency.
  5. Multi-Heater Control: Can pair with multiple heaters for comprehensive room heating.

Detailed Overview

The Herschel T-BT is a compact battery-powered thermostat control exclusively designed to work with Herschel XLS heaters that have an integrated SMART-R receiver.

The T-BT provides a manual temperature mode, a 7x1 day program mode, and a holiday (Away) mode. All modes control your Herschel heater(s) by turning them on or off based on the room temperature and your set preferences.

Featuring Herschel's innovative open window technology and an adaptive start function, the T-BT ensures your room maintains the ideal temperature with the most efficient energy use.

The T-BT can be paired with more than one heater, meaning multiple heaters within the room can be controlled with a single T-BT thermostat.

Please note that the T-BT is not wifi enabled and is not compatible with the SmartLife App. The T-BT will only work with Herschel XLS heaters and is not suitable for use with any other brand of infrared heaters.

Infrared Heater Thermostat | Herschel T-BT Technical Specifications

The T-BT comes with easy-to-use features and advanced energy-saving technology:

  • 7 x 1 Day Programmable: Set your heating preferences for each day.
  • Manual and Away Modes: Adjust settings to suit your needs.
  • Window Open Function: Auto shuts off heating if a sudden drop in temperature is detected, resuming after 30 minutes or manual override.
  • Adaptive Start: Achieves desired room temperature at the set time.
  • Wall-mounted or Free-standing: Flexible installation options.
  • Temperature Range and Accuracy: Set temperatures between 5-30°C with 0.5°C accuracy.
  • Protection Level: IPX0 rating - should not be installed in bathroom zones 0-2.
  • Multi-Heater Control: Control multiple Herschel XLS heaters with one T-BT control.

Other Features:

  • Radio Frequency 433Mhz: For effective operation.
  • 35m Wireless Range: Wide range for extensive control.
  • 24-Month Warranty: For your peace of mind.
  • Compliance with EC Directive: Fully compliant with EC Directive 2009/125/EC requirements for Ecodesign of local space heaters when used with Herschel XLS Infrared heaters.

Please note - this thermostat is not compatibile with the mobile apps.

Quality & Safety

Herschel Heaters and Controllers comply with stringent quality and safety standards, providing you with a reliable, safe, and long-lasting heating control solution.

Infrared Heater Thermostat | Herschel T-BT Documentation and Manuals

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