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Outdoor Heaters | Infrared | Ecosmart

The advent of modern heating solutions has revolutionized the way we approach outdoor spaces. No longer are patios, gardens, and outdoor commercial spaces off-limits during the cooler months. With the diverse range of options available - from infrared heaters to ethanol and gas fire pits - outdoor heating has never been more approachable or versatile.

Infrared heaters are an ideal choice for outdoor heating, providing direct, efficient warmth in open spaces. Unlike traditional heaters that heat the air, infrared heaters warm objects and people, making them less affected by the open environment. 

Ethanol fire pits, on the other hand, are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces. With a real, smoke-free flame, these fire pits provide a welcoming heat source and an alluring visual centrepiece. Their ease of use and low maintenance needs make them a practical choice, while their versatility allows you to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in a wide range of settings, from patios and gardens to commercial outdoor areas.

Gas fire pits and fireplaces provide a more traditional approach to outdoor heating. With a higher heat output, they are highly effective in warming larger outdoor spaces. Instant, controlled heat is at your fingertips with the turn of a knob, making these fireplaces and fire pits incredibly user-friendly. As a central gathering point, a gas fire pit can transform your outdoor area into a warm, sociable environment.

In essence, whether it's the efficient warmth of infrared heaters, the enchanting allure of ethanol fire pits, or the robust heat from gas fireplaces, there's an outdoor heating solution to suit every space and preference. Embrace these modern heating options and turn your outdoor spaces into cosy, inviting havens all year round.

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