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Spit Roasters

  • 1200 spartan hooded charcoal spit used as an oven with pork and beef slow cooking
    November 23, 2023 Ryan Wright

    Hooded Spit as a Charcoal Oven | Users Guide

    Preparing a feast for a large group is a culinary adventure that demands precision, planning, and a touch of barbecue magic. In this guide, we'll walk you through the art of cooking roast meats on a charcoal hooded BBQ, ensuring you get the best cook and impress any crowd.
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  • A whole pig cooking on a spit using the 1500 mm spartan Hood spit rotisserie
    November 8, 2023 Ryan Wright

    How To Cook A Pig On A Spit

    We'll explore the meticulous steps of preparing the pig, attaching all the necessary accessories to it, skilfully placing it on the skewer, indulging in creative stuffing ideas, expertly stitching the pig, and even mastering the art of starting charcoal for the spit. So, if you're ready to embrace the primal chef within, let's dive into the world of whole pig roasting, where fire, flavour, and tradition converge to create an unforgettable culinary experience.
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  • Spit Roaster in action with a full pan of hot coals and cooking a full gyros to perfection
    August 26, 2023 Allan Cooper

    Spit Roaster Maintenance Guide

    Unlock the secrets to maintaining your spit roaster's peak performance and prolonging its lifespan with our comprehensive maintenance guide. From ensuring the motor and shaft work in harmony to preserving the gleam of stainless steel and the functionality of the charcoal pan, every facet of maintenance is covered. Elevate your grilling experience and relish in the flavours of perfectly cooked meats as you delve into the world of spit roaster care. Explore the depths of our expert insights and step into a realm of grilling excellence.
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  • Spit Roaster | Cooking roast beef and pork on the 1200mm Spartan Hooded Spit Roaster
    July 17, 2023 Allan Cooper

    Spit Roasters | The Ultimate Guide

    Welcome to our ultimate guide to spit roasters! Discover the fascinating origins of spit roasting and explore the diverse constructions, fuel sources, and spit roaster types that make it a culinary art form. Unleash your inner culinary craftsman with DIY spit roasters, and get inspired by remarkable designs as you embark on a mouthwatering journey. Master the art of spit roasting and ignite culinary excellence over fire and coals. Join us and elevate your cooking experience to new heights!
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  • A spit roaster with a full kebab style meat showcasing the guide "Spit Roasters | A Comprehensive Guide"
    June 13, 2023 Allan Cooper

    Spit Roasters | A Complete Breakdown

    Are you ready to take your outdoor cooking to new heights? Spit roasters provide an exceptional way to infuse your meals with tantalizing flavours while indulging in the art of slow cooking. In this in-depth blog post, we'll dive into the diverse world of spit roasters in Australia. From exploring the various types, makes, and materials to understanding their usage, we'll equip you with the knowledge to choose the perfect spit roaster for your culinary adventures. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a beginner, this guide is your gateway to becoming a spit roasting expert.
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  • a spit showing a full spit of meat cooking over charcoal
    June 5, 2023 Ryan Wright

    5 Reasons To Own a Spit Roaster | Introduction To Rotisseries

    Discover the top 5 reasons why owning a spit roaster can revolutionize your barbecue experience. From the tantalizing flavors and juicy results to the convenience and versatility it offers, a spit roaster takes your outdoor cooking to new heights. Create memorable meals, impress your guests, and enjoy the hands-off cooking experience. Embrace the adventure and social gathering that comes with owning a spit roaster and unlock extraordinary flavours in every bite. Elevate your BBQ game and make your outdoor gatherings truly special with a spit roaster.
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  • A spit roaster with 3 types of meat showing on the spit
    June 3, 2023 Ryan Wright

    Spit Roasters | An Introduction

    Spit roasters, also known as rotisseries, offer a captivating cooking experience. Whether an open fire or gas/electric, the possibilities are endless. Prime cuts of meat are elevated through slow rotation. For the adventurous, unconventional meats can be transformed. Marinating and seasoning enhance flavours, while proper meat preparation and temperature control ensure delicious results. Incorporating wood chips adds a smoky element, and side dishes complement the star of the show. Spit roasting is a social experience that brings people together. So, gather loved ones, fire up the spit roaster, and embark on a grilling adventure.
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