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Kegerator Kegmaster super deluxe close up with beer on it

Choosing the Right Kegerator

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Guide to Choosing the Right Kegerator


Researching and finding the right kegerator can be a complex and time consuming task, with so many options and brands out there where do you start? Hopefully by the end of this guide you will be armed with some knowledge and expertise to venture out and find the perfect kegerator set up suited to your space and needs.

We understand that a kegerator isn’t just a simple purchase, its an investment in your home entertainment area, man cave or living room. But with this investment comes questions. What size should I choose? What features are a must have? How do you ensure your kegerator will keep your favourite beers and wines at the optimum carbonation and temperature level?

So, let’s get started on this guide to help you become a confident kegerator expert.

Determine the Usage

Where and How Your Kegerator Will Shine

The most important place to start is to think and plan exactly where and how you want to use your kegerator. This isn’t just a simple pick out a spot and that’s where it will go, it’s about understanding the environment where it will sit and the purpose it will serve. Will it be the centrepiece of your home bar? A smart addition to your commercial setting? Or the wow factor of your outdoor entertainment area?

Kegerator Solstace built in under benchtop

Home Bar Hero

If you are a home bar enthusiast, a indoor kegerator could be the final piece to the puzzle that completes your personal paradise. In this setting looks can be just as important as functionality. You will want a kegerator that not only keeps your beers and beverages chilled and frothy but also complements your home décor.

Built-in and more compact models are more popular in this area as they can blend in with your bar’s atmosphere. Noise level is also a key factor, you want to hear the laughter of your friends and the clinking of glasses to a good cheers not the hum of a noisy motor.

Commercial King

If you have a commercial setting, then reliability and capacity are going to be your main focus. Bars, restaurants, and breweries require a workhorse that can keep up with high demand and constant use. Larger freestanding kegerators with multiple taps and fonts are ideal. These models are built to stand constant use and they will come with features tailored for ease of maintenance. Remember, a happy customer will be a returning customer, and nothing ensures happiness like a perfectly poured schooner.

Kegerator | Super Deluxe 2 door

Outdoor Oasis

For those going after an alfresco beer and beverage drinking experience then an outdoor kegerator is going to be your pick. You will need to choose one that is not only going to be weather resistant but can withstand varying temperatures and humidity levels, all while maintaining the ideal conditions for your beer. An outdoor kegerator isn’t just about keeping your beverage cold, it’s about making sure that the unit will perform efficiently in a range of outdoor climates.

Considering the Space Available

Measuring Up for the Perfect Fit

After choosing the role that your kegerator will play, it’s time to tackle a step that’s often overlooked but is absolutely vital, space! Making sure you have the right amount of room for your kegerator will save you massive headaches down the line. It’s easy to fit it into your chosen spot, but you want to integrate it, so it flows seamlessly with ample room for ventilation and ease of access. Stick to the golden rule, measure twice, buy once.

Kegerator | KegMaster Super Deluxe

Mind the Gap

Ventilation is a key feature to keeping your kegerator running efficiently for years to come. Most units on the market require some breathing room, typically a few inches around the sides and back. Having an air gap around your kegerator prevents the motor from overworking and extends its life. Always ask for these measurements before purchasing if they are not already listed.

Think About Access

Accessing your kegerator is another important consideration. Remember you will need to refill your Co2 tank, change kegs, and perform routine maintenance. Ensure there is enough room to perform these tasks without it having to be a full scale operation. Additionally, think about how your future kegerator will blend into your area. Will it clash with your current setup? Or obstruct any pathways or where people might like to stand.

Choose the Right Size and Capacity

Matching Your Kegerator to Your Keg

Now that you have measured your area where you want your kegerator to sit, the next crucial step is to select the size and capacity of the unit. Kegerators come in a huge range of sizes and capacities, they are not a one size fits all. Your choice will largely hinge on the types of kegs you wish to use and the quantity of beer or beverages you wish to have on tap.

Understanding Different Keg Types

Kegs come in various sizes, and you will need to make sure your kegerator is compatible with the type and size of keg you wish to use.

  • Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg): These kegs are often used by homebrewers and hold 19 litres. You can fill them by simply opening the lid and siphoning straight into it.
  • 50 Litre Keg: This is the standard size that most commercial beer uses. It holds 88 pints or 175 schooners.
  • 20 Litre Keg: A popular choice for craft been enthusiasts, and for smaller kegerators that are limited to space.

Your choice of kegerator should reflect the type of keg you prefer. For example, a small kegerator is ideal for 19 litre corny kegs if you are running multiple taps. Only one 50 litre keg will fit in most standard kegerators so choosing a single tap is fine.

Kegerator with door open showing 4 kegs inside

Capacity Considerations

Are you a casual beer drinker who enjoys a schooner or two now and then, or do you often host parties where you want to keep the beers and drinks flowing? These few things to think about will influence whether a single tap kegerator will be enough or a larger multi tap unit is necessary. It is also wise to think about the future, your tastes might change over time so opting for a kegerator with some room for growth is a good option, like a dual or triple tap model.

Co2 Tank and Regulator

If you want that perfect pub pour experience, the quality of the Co2 tank and regulator are paramount. These two parts are the heart of your kegerator set up and are responsible for maintaining optimal pressure levels and carbonation.

When choosing a kegerator, check that it comes with a Co2 tank and if so, its quality and capacity. For example, a 2.6kg Co2 bottle will typically allow you to dispense roughly 400 litres or 8x50 litre kegs of commercial beer. If you are brewing and carbonating our own beer, without factoring in any losses you can expect to dispense roughly 200 litres of beer.

The regulator controls the pressure at which the Co2 is released from the tank into the keg. Make sure your regulator allows you to adjust the pressure accurately and maintain it consistently. Dual gauge regulators are our top choice, they will show you the pressure in the keg and the remaining gas in the tank, which is very handy.

MKX Regulator for Kegerator

Choose the Right Tap System

The tap system is where your beer or beverage makes its grand entrance from keg to glass, so you want to get this decision right the first time. Do you like to have a variety of different beers or beverages on tap or are you a single brew type of person.

Single, Double, or Multi Tap Kegerators

  • Single Tap: Ideal for those who enjoy just one type of beer or drink. It’s simple and a space saver. Perfect for smaller gatherings or personal use.
  • Double Tap: A set up that offers some versatility without being overwhelming in space. You can enjoy two different beers or drinks that serve different tastes. One of the most popular choices for home users.
  • Multi Taps: If you love to host large parties and gatherings or are in a commercial setup multi taps are for you. They will give you the ability to have a variety of different drinks on tap ready to please a diverse crowd.

Kegerator | Series XL front view

Quality and Material of the Taps

Your Kegerators performance is also impacted by the material and durability of its taps. Stainless steel is the go to choice due to their resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning. They not only look great, but they make sure your beer remains pure in flavour.

Try to stay away from cheap taps and font towers, cheap materials can affect the taste of your drinks and can also lead to leaks and wear and tear.

Consider Maintenance and Cleaning

Finally try to consider the ease of cleaning and general maintenance of the kegerator taps. Keeping your taps and lines maintained will not only prolong the life of your kegerator but will ensure that every drink you pour will be just as fresh and delicious as the last. Look for tap systems that are easy to dismantle, making it easy for regular cleaning.

Set a Budget

Budgeting for your Kegerator

It is very important to approach your research and shopping for a kegerator with a clear budget in mind. The cost of kegerators can vary greatly, and it’s not only the initial purchase price you need to think about. Ongoing running costs such as electricity, maintenance and even the cost of kegs and the drinks inside it should be factored into your budget.

Kegerator | Super deluxe one door with a beer poured on it

Initial Purchase Cost

Kegerator prices are influenced by the size, features, brand, and quality. Standard kegerators can be relatively affordable, while high end, multi tap systems can be a big investment. Try to decide on the features that a most important to you without breaking the bank. Remember, the most expensive kegerator isn’t always going to be the best suited for your needs.

Running Costs

Kegerator running costs include more than just electricity to keep your drinks cold. You need to think about purchasing Co2 depending on your usage. And consider the cost of the beer and drinks themselves, especially if you like craft or specialty beers. There are plenty of places to get prices of kegs delivered to your home, here are a few.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your kegerator in top condition. You should stay on top of cleaning the lines, replacing parts like washers or seals when needed and maybe to odd professional service. Set aside a small portion of your budget for these upkeep costs.

The Long Term View

Consider the long term value of the kegerator that you choose. A cheap model might save you money initially but could end up costing you more in the long run due to higher energy consumption or the need for frequent repairs. Sometimes, investing a bit more money if you can afford it can lead to bigger savings over time.

Kegerator super deluxe with 50 Litre keg inside


It’s clear that choosing the right kegerator isn’t just a simple process, it’s about balancing everything that we have gone through. From understanding your needs and space to considering energy efficiency and setting a realistic budget, each step is important to selecting a kegerator that you will be happy with.

So, what are you waiting for? The perfect kegerator set up awaits you. Embrace the journey, take your time, and do your research. In no time you will be enjoying a fresh, crisp taste of your favourite draft beer, wine or spirits on tap in the comfort of your own home or serving to your customers.

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Have questions or need more guidance? Reach out to us on 1300 856 607 or email us at we are always keen to have a chat or answer any questions or concerns you may have. And once you have made your choice, we would love to hear from you. Share your experiences and let everyone know how your new kegerator performs.

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