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Add versatility and mobility to your Herschel Sunset heater with our specially designed free-standing heater stand. With its telescopic extension, this stand opens up new possibilities for optimizing your heater's performance and location.

Infrared Heater Stand | Herschel  Detailed Description

Designed for maximum convenience, this stand features a telescopic extension that expands up to 2.1 meters, giving you the freedom to place your heater exactly where it's needed most.

Herschel Sunset heaters come equipped with a built-in tilt switch that will automatically turn off the heater if it's moved more than 45° vertically, enhancing safety.

Key Considerations

Please note the following important points when using the stand:

  • This stand is not intended for permanent installation.
  • The heater should never be lowered below 1.8m on the extension.
  • Users need to provide their own electrical extensions from a suitable wall socket and plug rated at 13 amps. Any extension leads should be taped or secured to the ground to prevent tripping hazards.
  • The remote control provided with the heater should be used for operation. However, when using the timer function, do not leave the heater unattended for long periods. Always switch off the heater when not in use.
  • This heater stand should not be used in conjunction with any other automated switching mechanism.

Infrared Heater Stand | Herschel Technical Specifications

This stand is constructed from a sturdy steel tube with a chrome finish, ensuring durability and stability. The base, which weighs 5 kilos, provides a firm foundation. With the telescopic extension, the stand's length ranges from 1.1m to 2.1m.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of moving your Herschel Sunset heater to exactly where you want it with this purpose-built heater stand.

Infrared Heater Stand | Herschel Installation

Infrared Heater Stand | Herschel instructions

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