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Review Rewards Program

"Welcome to Outdoor Living Australia's Review Rewards Program! Share your experience with our products through engaging photo or video reviews and get rewarded for your valuable feedback.

Simply wait for an email sent two weeks after your purchase, follow the link, or email your review and media files to Enjoy an array of exciting rewards such as:

  • cash back: anyway you like it - paypal, bank transfer etc
  • gift cards: we will mail out a gift card if you don't want to give us other details such as paypal or bank details.
  • a tailored item/accessory relevant to the product you reviewed. for example, we may send you smoking wood for a smoker purchased.
Join the fun and let your voice be heard while reaping the benefits of our appreciation!"

We are a family owned business trying to do our best to provide the perfect products for an enriched outdoor living experience. We appreciate all the feedback we receive and want to reward customers who take the time to help us build and grow. Even if you don't want to leave a review, feel free to contact us anytime. You can find all our contact details here.

We love hearing from our customers and seeing how our products have made a difference in their lives. That's why we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with us through photo or video reviews of any products you've purchased from our store. By sharing your media reviews, you'll not only help others make informed decisions, but you'll also be rewarded for your valuable contribution to our community through our review rewards program. No sign up necessary.

Remember, the rewards are granted for honest reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. We truly want to know if our products suit your needs, and your feedback plays a vital role in our mission to provide exceptional products and customer service.