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1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster Rotisserie | Spartan


1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster Rotisserie | Spartan Overview

The Spartan Spit Roaster is available for FREE PICK-UP in Brisbane, also contact us for a cheaper delivery price from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast

Welcome to a new level of outdoor cooking with the colossal Spartan Spit Roaster. This exceptional, 1500mm long spit roaster takes your roasting adventures to the next level, offering an uncompromised blend of convenience and flexibility. It's the ideal companion for both the grilling beginner and the seasoned barbecue connoisseur.

The Size to Suit Your Needs

Boasting a generous length of 1500mm, the Spartan Spit Roaster delivers enough space to flawlessly cook a diverse range of meats and vegetables. Its customizable motor options – choose from 30kg, 60kg, or a whopping 100kg – meaning you can tailor your roasting experience to your specific requirements. Whether it's an intimate family meal or a large festive gathering, the Spartan Spit Rotisserie has got your back.

Take Your Outdoor Cooking to New Heights with the Spartan Spit Roaster

Elevate your BBQ and grilling escapades with the Spartan Spit Roaster – the ultimate solution for those who accept nothing less than perfection in their outdoor cooking.

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster | Spartan by Flaming Coals close up
1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster | Spartan by Flaming Coals with lamb cooking

Durability and Protection for Superior Outdoor Cooking

Experience enhanced outdoor cooking with the Spartan Spit Roasters robust windshield. This feature acts as a steadfast guard for your food against the elements, ensuring even heat distribution and safeguarding your cooking creations from wind and debris.

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster | Spartan by Flaming Coals with pig cooking

Effortless Height Adjustment for Perfect Roasting

The Spartan Spit Roaster standout feature is its straightforward height adjustment mechanism, engineered for seamless single-person operation. This stand out feature guarantees you can easily manage the cooking temperature, leading to perfectly roasted food every single time.

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster | Spartan by Flaming Coals small lamb cooking

Warranties That Give You Peace of Mind

With an impressive 2-year warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on the spit body, you can rest assured that your investment in the Spartan Spit Roaster will deliver delicious results for many seasons to come.

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster | Spartan Specifications and Dimensions

  • Fuel Type Charcoal
    Heat Beads
    Wood Fire
  • Motor Ratings 30 kg
    60 kg
    100 kg
  • Asjustable Height Yes
    (1 Person Job)
  • Total Height 940 mm
  • Grill Height 690 mm
  • Total Length 1500 mm
  • Width 480 mm
  • Weight 53 kg
  • Grill Length 1150 mm
  • Base (Wheel) Length 1500 mm
  • Base (Wheel) Width 830 mm
  • Materials 1.2 mm 204 Stainless Steel
  • Portable Yes
    Lockable wheels
1500 mm spartan spit rotisseries with multiple chickens cooking

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster Rotisserie | Spartan Additional Information

  • Large Prongs Two
  • Back Brace One
  • Leg Bracket One
  • Grilling Racks Two
  • Solid Stainless Steel Skewer 1600 mm
  • Motor Choice of 30 kg,
    60 kg,
    100 kg
  • Warranty 24 month on motor
    12 month on body
    Charcoal Pan not covered
  • Acessory materials 304 Stainless Steel
    (Food Grade)
1500 mm spartan spit rotisserie with multiple chickens cooking

Spit Roaster Comparison Guide Download

Spit Roaster Comparison Guide Download

  • SP070-1500-MO001 - 30 kg 240V motor
  • SP070-1500-MO004 - 60 kg 240V motor
  • SP070-1500-MO005 - 100 kg 240V motor

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