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Designed in Australia, 2-year warranty, stainless steel, price match guarantee

1500 mm Charcoal & Gas Dual Fuel BBQ Spit Roaster


1500 mm Dual Fuel BBQ Spit Rotisserie | Charcoal and Gas Overview

The Dual Fuel Spit Roaster is available for FREE PICK-UP in Brisbane, also contact us for a cheaper delivery price from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast

The 1500mm Dual Fuel Spit Roaster offers a unique flexibility to switch between charcoal and gas fuel. If you crave the rich, smoky essence that only charcoal can offer, this spit roaster has got you covered. On the other hand, if you prefer the convenience and precise temperature control offered by gas, this roaster is equally at your service. Sometimes, the choice isn't yours, and weather conditions might make lighting charcoal impossible. This is when the gas option becomes invaluable.

This spit roaster is designed with strategically placed airflow holes to ensure optimal ventilation during the cooking process. These holes allow for a steady circulation of heat, maintaining an even temperature throughout. This design also aids in preventing flare-ups, ensuring your food is cooked safely and evenly.

The 1500mm Dual Fuel Spit Roaster is not just a piece of roasting equipment, it's a game-changer for all your outdoor cooking needs. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, a family gathering, or a grand event, this premium spit roaster adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor cooking, elevating the experience to a whole new level.

dual fuel 1500 mm spit rotisserie with chickens cooking
1500 mm Dual Fuel BBQ Spit Rotisserie | Charcoal and Gas  with hood open

Three Motors to Choose From

Your roasting needs may vary depending on the size of your gathering. That's why our spit roaster is customizable with three different motor sizes - 30kg, 60kg, and 100kg. Whether you're cooking for a small family get-together or a larger event, this spit roaster can effortlessly adapt to your needs, ensuring that everyone leaves with satisfied taste buds.

1500 mm Dual Fuel BBQ Spit Rotisserie | Charcoal and Gas  with hood closed

Superior Stainless Steel Construction

The 1500mm Dual Fuel Spit Roaster is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, promising durability that can withstand frequent use. Resistant to rust and easy to clean, this roaster maintains its pristine condition for years, offering you a reliable performance every time you fire it up.

1500 mm Dual Fuel BBQ Spit Rotisserie | Charcoal and Gas  close up of gas controls

Protective Hood and Viewing Port

The included protective hood on the spit roaster not only helps to retain heat for even cooking but also protects your roast from external elements. This ensures that your meat is perfectly roasted and not affected by wind or other factors. Additionally, the viewing window is a handy feature that allows you to monitor your roast's progress without having to lift the hood, maintaining a consistent cooking environment.

1500 mm Dual Fuel BBQ Spit Rotisserie | Charcoal and Gas Specifications and Dimensions

  • Fuel Type LPG (Gas)
    Heat Beads
    Wood Fire
  • Height Adjustable Spit Yes
  • Thermometer Yes
  • Hood with Viewing Port Yes
  • Motors 30 kg
    60 kg
    100 kg
  • Width (at wheels) 830 mm
  • Total Length 1690 mm
    (includes motor and Gas controls)
  • Height (hood open) 1320 mm
  • Height (hood closed) 980 mm
  • Cooking Length 1430 mm
  • Cooking Width 480 mm
  • Spit to Nearest Wall 195 mm
    (with hood closed)
  • Wheels Yes
  • Piezo Ignition Yes
  • Weight 62 kg
  • Materials Stainless Steel
1500 mm dual fuel spit rotisserie showing dimensions

1500 mm Dual Fuel BBQ Spit Rotisserie | Charcoal and Gas Additional Features

  • Included Accessories 1-piece Skewer
    2x whole animal Prongs
    1x spine Brace
    1x Leg Bracket
    2x BBQ Grills
  • Accessories materials 304 Stainless Steel
    Food Grade
  • Charcoal Pan Insert Yes
  • Gas Burners Two Covered
    Stainless Steel
  • Warranty 2 year on motor
    1 year on body
    Charcoal pan not covered
  • Optional Extras Cover, Spit Accessories
  • SPG1500-MO001 - 30 kg 240V motor
  • SPG1500-MO004 - 60 kg 240V motor
  • SPG1500-MO005 - 100 kg 240V motor

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