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1500mm BBQ Spit Rotisserie | Hooded Spartan


1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster | Spartan Overview

The Spartan Spit Roaster is available for FREE PICK-UP in Brisbane, also contact us for a cheaper delivery price from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast

The Spartan Spit Roaster is no ordinary roasting machine. It's an invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of outdoor cooking. With an unrivaled capacity to handle even the largest roasts, this state-of-the-art machine ensures that no guest leaves your gathering unsatisfied. It's the ultimate tool for those who won't settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Invest in Quality and Durability

When you invest in the Spartan Spit Roaster, you're not just buying a cooking appliance. You're investing in high-quality materials, exceptional durability, and your future grilling adventures. The 1500mm Hooded Spartan Spit Roaster is a testament to superior roasting technology and unmatched performance. It's your key to transforming ordinary outdoor events into unforgettable cooking extravaganzas. So why wait come get your ultimate roasting machine today.

Adjustable Spit Height and Hood

The hooded spartan comes with an ingeniously designed height adjustment mechanism, meticulously crafted for effortless operation by a single person. Furthermore, the hood itself can be set to multiple heights, allowing further regulation of the cooking temperature

1500 mm spartan hooded spit rotisserie with pig cooking
1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster Rotisserie | Hooded Spartan with chickens cooking

Custom-Built Spit Motor

The heart of the Spartan Spit Roaster is its custom-built spit motor. Available in three different sizes – 30kg, 60kg, or 100kg load capacities, it caters to all your roasting needs. Choose your size, and let the Spartan balance power and performance to deliver a roasting experience that's uniquely yours

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster Rotisserie | Hooded Spartan with hood closed

Unique Viewing Window

One of the key features that sets the Spartan Spit Roaster apart is its innovative viewing window. Nestled within the hood, it enables you to monitor the cooking progress without disturbing the internal temperature. With Spartan, you can cook to perfection, maintaining the ideal temperature throughout the process.

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster Rotisserie | Hooded Spartan with full pig cooking

Built-in Temperature Gauge

Never second-guess your roasting temperature again. The Spartan Spit Roaster comes equipped with a built-in temperature gauge, giving you complete control over the heat inside the roaster. Now, you can guarantee that your meats are cooked just right, ensuring a succulent and mouthwatering dining experience every time.

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster | Spartan Specifications and Dimensions

  • Fuel Type Charcoal
    Heat Beads
    Wood Fire
  • Motor Ratings 30 kg
    60 kg
    100 kg
  • Asjustable Height Yes
    (1 Pserson Job)
  • Lid Closed Height 980 mm
  • Lid Closed Length 1700 mm
  • Lid Closed Width 630 mm
  • Lid Open Height 1290 mm
  • Lid Open Length 1700 mm
  • Lid Open Width 710 mm
  • Cooking Length 1420 mm
  • Cooking Width 440 mm
  • Wheel (base) Length 1500 mm
  • Wheel (base) Width 830 mm
  • Weight 62 kg
  • Materials 1.2 mm 204 Stainless Steel
  • Portable Yes
    Lockable wheels
1500 mm spartan hooded spit rotisserie showing the accessories

1500 mm BBQ Spit Roaster Rotisserie | Spartan Additional Information

  • Large Prongs Two
  • Back Brace One
  • Leg Bracket One
  • Grilling Racks Two
  • Handle Large On Hood
  • Solid Stainless Steel Skewer 1600 mm
  • Motor Choice of 30 kg,
    60 kg,
    100 kg
  • Adjustable Spit Height Yes
  • Adjustable Hood Height Yes
  • Warranty 24 month on motor
    12 month on body
    Charcoal Pan not covered
  • Acessory materials 304 Stainless Steel
    (Food Grade)
1500 mm spartan hooded spit rotisserie with hood half closed

Spit Roaster Comparison Guide Download

Spit Roaster Comparison Guide Download

  • SP060-1500-MO001 - 30 kg 240V motor
  • SP060-1500-MO004 - 60 kg 240V motor
  • SP060-1500-MO005 - 100 kg 240V motor

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