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Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo

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Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo

Elegance Meets Efficiency!

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Behold the elegant and Classy Upright Beer and Wine Fridge Combination, thoughtfully designed with a shallow depth of 39.5cm, perfect for spaces where every inch matters. This versatile unit can be free-standing or seamlessly built into a cavity, and for added stability, special brackets are included to attach it securely to the wall.

Choose Your Zone Configuration!

Customise your fridge to suit your needs. Opt for the Single Zone model for simplicity or go for the Three Zone option for enhanced versatility. The single zone cools the whole unit from 1-18°C. The three zone has three different cooling sections, the top wine side has a range of 5-15°C and the bottom wine zone has a range of 7-18°C. The whole beer zone has a range of 1-18°C.

Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo full view of beer and wine sections

Energy Saving Features and Brand Parts

Eco Friendly

We believe in energy efficiency, and that's why the 209 Litre Upright Combo Bar Fridge is packed with energy-saving features. From 12Volt Fans and Cyclopentane foaming to an energy-saving inverter compressor and LED lighting, this cooler ensures minimal environmental impact. It also uses R600, a 100% ozone-safe gas, and incorporates triple glazing and LOW E glass to prevent condensation.

Premium Components

We take pride in the quality of our products, which is why the 209 Litre Combo Bar Fridge incorporates high-grade components. With a Taiwanese Transformer, Condenser, and Evaporator, as well as the Embraco ECO Compressor, known for its 25% lower running costs, you can trust in the reliability of this cooling unit.

Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo close up view of 12 volt fan
Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo showing slide out ball bearing shelves

Shelving Information

With 21 slide-out ball bearing telescopic shelves on the interior, each holding 4 bottles, and 7 shelves on the beer side, you'll have ample storage space for your favorite drinks.

Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo showing an energy rating of 7 out of 10 stars

Power Consumption and Running Cost

At just 2.60 kW/24hrs, this cooler is impressively energy-efficient, helping you save on your energy bills while being environmentally conscious. Running at approximately $243.32 per year, based on a reasonable 25.64 cents per kilowatt, the 209 Litre Combination Bar Fridge strikes the perfect balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.

Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo close up view of wall bracket that fixes the bar fridge to the wall

Adjustable Feet and Lockable Doors

For added convenience, the 209 Litre Combination Bar Fridge comes with 8 adjustable feet, allowing you to level the unit on any surface. The lockable doors offer security and peace of mind, ensuring your beverages are safe from unauthorized access. Additionally this Bar Fridge comes with brackets attatched to the top to fix it to the wall.

Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo | Specifications

  • Litres 209
  • Weight 180kg
  • Dimensions Width 1200 mm
    Depth 395 mm
    Height 1820 mm
  • Capacity 120 cans (375ml)
    54 wine bottles
  • Body Colour Black
  • Interior Finish Moulded Black
  • Adjustable Feet Yes 8
    Adjustable Feet
  • Lockable Yes
  • Glass Door Triple glazed
    LOW E glass
  • Door Hinges 1 x Left
    1 x Right
  • Power Consumtion 2.60 kW/24hrs
  • Running Costs Approximately
    $243.32 per year
Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo close up view of showing the upper and lower zone temperature controls

Bar Fridge | 209 Litre Upright Combo | Complete Guide

For a complete bar fridge guide on maintenance, tips and performance read here

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