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Kegerator | Solstace Indoor or Outdoor | Complete Package

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The Ultimate Kegerator Beer Fridge Bundle: Ready for Your Favourite Brew

  • Get ready to transform your beer-drinking experience with the Solstice Kegerator Beer Fridge Bundle. This all-in-one package is your ticket to draft beer at its finest, offering convenience, power efficiency, and a sleek design that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.

  • The Solstice bundle includes a Solstice kegerator, a 2.6kg CO2 gas bottle (full), A and D type couplers, an MKX regulator, and a 40cm stainless steel drip tray. Just grab your favorite keg of beer, connect it, and you're good to go!

  • With the inclusion of both A-type and D-type couplers in your package, you'll have the versatility to connect to an extensive range of kegs. This means you can enjoy draft beer from a wide array of Australian breweries straight out of your Solstace Kegerator at home.

  • The KegMaster Solstice is perfectly suited for the unique Australian climate, boasting a remarkable tolerance for temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius in the surrounding environment. This extraordinary adaptability ensures it is an excellent choice for use not only indoors but also in the great outdoors

  • 2.6kg of CO2, If you're serving commercially carbonated beer, you can typically dispense approximately 400 litres out of it, which equates to around 8 x 50-litre kegs. And If you're brewing and carbonating your beer, assuming no CO2 is wasted, you should have enough CO2 to carbonate and dispense around 200 litres of beer, equivalent to over 10 x 19-litre kegs.

Kegerator | Solstace Indoor/Outdoor | Everything Needed Bundle | front full view of kegerator on white background

Why Choose a Solstice Kegerator?

  • Power Options: The KegMaster Solstice is exceptionally versatile, capable of running on DC power, solar panels, batteries, or a standard household outlet. Enjoy tap beer wherever you are, whether it's in your home, office, café, bar, caravan, boat, or at an outdoor event.

  • World's First: This kegerator is a game-changer as the world's first 12V DC powered, cassette-based, heating, and cooling commercial-grade beverage dispensing keg fridge. It's not just for keeping your beer cold; it's perfect for fermentation temperature control too.

  • Visually Stunning: Designed in Australia by Keg King Engineering, the Solstice kegerator boasts a visually striking design, constructed from 304 stainless steel. It's not only a functional appliance but also an attractive addition to any setting.

  • Power Flexibility: You have the freedom to choose how you power your Solstice kegerator. Plug it into a standard 10amp power outlet, use batteries, solar power, or any combination that supplies 12 volts at 15 amps. It's perfect for those off-grid adventures.

  • Cooling or Heating: With the high-performing HJ-510 temperature controller, Solstice can handle both heating and cooling modes, including defrost cycles. It can adapt to your needs, whether it's for fermenting or serving ice-cold beverages.

Kegerator | Solstace Indoor/Outdoor | Everything Needed Bundle | outside with a solar panel connected to kegerator
Kegerator | Solstace Indoor/Outdoor | Everything Needed Bundle | Showing front view of Ultra Tee font with double taps

Tap Font Compatibility

The Solstice Kegerator offers versatility when it comes to tap fonts. You can choose from either 2 to 4 taps. Font and taps are made from 304 Stainless Steel

Kegerator | Solstace Indoor/Outdoor | Everything Needed Bundle showing kegerator installed under a bench

Versatile Installation

With a reversible door, you can choose the orientation that works best for your space. It's perfect for under-bench installations, requiring only 100mm of ventilation space on the cassette side.

Kegerator | Solstace Indoor/Outdoor | Everything Needed Bundle | Showing a 50 L and a 20L keg inside kegerator

Huge Capacity

The Solstice Kegerator provides a spacious 236L of storage, accommodating up to 4 x 20L Kegs, 1 x 50L keg and 1x 20L keg or a 50L keg and a CO2 Gas bottle

Some Brands that A&D Type Couplers are Compatible with

  • A Type Couplers D Type Couplers
  • Brookvale Bulmers
  • Bundaberg & Cola Carlton Draught
  • Canadian Club Carlton Cold
  • Coopers Cascade
  • Furphy Crown Lager
  • Hahn Great Northern
  • Heineken Peroni
  • James Squire Pure Blonde
  • Tooheys Somersby
  • XXXX Gold VB
Kegerator | Solstace Indoor/Outdoor | Everything Needed Bundle | view of A&D Type couplers on white background

Kegerator | Solstace Indoor/Outdoor | Specifications

  • Dimensions Length: 880mm
    Depth: 642mm
    Height: 850mm
  • Weight 43kg
  • Cassette Weight 13kg
  • Volume 236 Litres
  • Power10amp Power Point
    12v 20amp DC
  • Heating 130 Watts
  • Cooling 240 watts
  • Refridgerant Gas R600a (40g)
  • Insulation Cyclopentane
  • Packaged
    Length: 930mm
    Height: 940mm
  • Included
    Font & Taps
    A&D Couplers
    MKX Regulator
    400mm Drip Tray
  • Font304
    Stainless Steel
  • TapsChoose Between
    2 - 4 Taps
  • Body304
    Stainless Steel
Kegerator | Solstace Indoor/Outdoor | showing dimensions
  • 11602

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