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Australian made, stainless steel, cast iron, price matc guarantee

Fire Pit Lids | Protect your Fire Pit


Fire Pit Lids Will fit most 800 mm (80 cm), 1000 mm (100 cm), and 1200 mm (120 cm) Fire Pits. Fire pit is not included.

Introducing the ultimate accessory for the backyard fire pit enforcer - our collection of fire pit lids! Made from top-quality materials, these lids will keep your fire pit safe and secure from the elements, ensuring that it's always ready for action.

Our fire pit lids are as tough as they come. The cast iron lids are sturdy and unyielding, capable of withstanding the heat of the hottest fires. But the benefits of our fire pit lids don't stop there.

  1. Keep your fire pit safe from the elements,
  2. They also help to control the flames, smothering the fire at the end of the night or if it gets a little too roudy
  3. Use the fire pit as an outdoor table when not in use (like during the hot summer months)

At the end of the night you can have peace of mind by quickly extinguishing the fire and stopping any unruly embers from escaping once the lid is on. And if you're feeling particularly cheeky, you can even use them as a makeshift table or surface for your drinks and snacks.

So whether you're a seasoned fire pit pro or just starting out, our collection of fire pit lids will make sure your fires are always roaring and ready to go. Don't let rain or snow put a damper on your fires - grab a fire pit lid today and bring more utility to your fire pit, all year round!

Fire Pit Lids Features

  • 850 mm, 1050 mm, and 1250 mm metal lids with handle (for the 800 mm, 1000 mm, and 1200 mm sizes respectively).

Delivery Prices

  • Please note that some accessories are quite bulky (as large the the fire pits) and can be quite expensive to ship, if they are bought and delivered individually. However, they are ususally bundled with the fire pit and combined shipping means accessories are delivered for less than $5, and usually FREE.

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