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Outdoor Barbequing in Australia: A Sizzling Guide

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Types of BBQ's and Cooking Methods

From traditional charcoal cookers to modern gas grills, there's an Australian BBQ for every taste and preference. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular options:

Kettle BBQs

A favourite among Australian backyard chefs, kettle BBQs offer versatility, simplicity, and excellent heat control. The round shape of these grills is ideal for creating convection heat, ensuring even cooking and delicious results. Kettle BBQs are often fuelled by charcoal, but gas versions are also available for those who prefer a quicker start and easier temperature control. Check out our Kettle BBQ here

    Spit Rotisseries:

    Spit rotisseries are perfect for slow-roasting large cuts of meat, such as a whole lamb or pig. The rotating spit ensures even cooking and caramelization, resulting in tender and juicy meat. Traditionally, spit rotisseries are powered by an open fire, but gas and electric models are also available for added convenience. We have a huge range of spit roasters here

      Charcoal BBQ Cookers: 

      There's something truly special about the smoky flavour imparted by cooking over charcoal. Charcoal cookers come in various shapes and sizes, from simple grills to more sophisticated models with adjustable vents and temperature controls. These BBQs require a bit more skill and patience, as they take longer to heat up and can be more challenging to maintain at a consistent temperature.

        Fire Pit Grills: 

        Ideal for camping or beach cooking, fire pit grills offer a more rustic and communal outdoor cooking experience. Whether cooking over an open fire or using a dedicated fire pit grill, this method brings people together around the warmth and ambiance of the flames. Fire pit grills often use wood as fuel, giving food a unique, smoky flavour that's hard to replicate with other methods. Check out our fire pit BBQ


          Comparing Cooking Methods

          When it comes to outdoor BBQ, each cooking method has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. Here's a comparison of the most popular methods:

          1. Charcoal vs. Gas:

            The debate between charcoal and gas grilling is a long-standing one. Charcoal grilling enthusiasts swear by the smoky, authentic flavour that charcoal imparts, while gas grillers appreciate the convenience and ease of use that gas provides. Charcoal grills typically take longer to heat up, and temperature control can be challenging, but the results are often worth the effort. Gas grills, on the other hand, provide more precise temperature control and quicker cooking times, making them ideal for busy lifestyles. We sell a grill that does both! have a look here.                                                                                                              
          2. Open Fire vs. Enclosed BBQ:

            Cooking over an open fire can be a thrilling experience, with the crackling flames and primal allure of cooking outdoors. However, it can also be more challenging to control the heat and requires constant attention. Enclosed BBQs, such as kettle grills or gas models, offer more control over cooking temperatures and tend to be more user-friendly. Ultimately, the choice between open fire and enclosed BBQ comes down to personal preference and the desired cooking experience.

          Outdoor Cooking Locations

          Australia offers a diverse range of outdoor cooking locations, each with its own unique appeal. Here are three popular options:

          1. Backyard Cooking:

            The Classic Australian backyard BBQ is a cherished tradition, where friends and family come together for a casual meal and good conversation. Backyard cooking allows for the convenience of having all the necessary amenities nearby, while still enjoying the outdoors. Kettle BBQs, spit rotisseries, and gas grills are all popular choices for backyard cooking, providing versatility and ease of use.                     Products Spartan Spit Roaster Stainless Steel 1500mm: cooking meat
          2. Camping Cooking:

            Aussie campers love cooking up a feast in the great outdoors, and nothing beats the smell of food sizzling over an open fire or a portable BBQ. Camping cooking offers a more rustic experience, often utilizing fire pit grills or portable charcoal cookers. These methods can be more challenging, but the satisfaction of cooking in the wild is well worth the effort. Plus, the smoky flavours of campfire cooking are hard to beat.     Products Auspit Portable Compact Camping Spit Rotisserie cooking over camp fire
          3. Beach Cooking:

            Australia is renowned for its stunning beaches, and what better way to enjoy them than with a beach BBQ? Portable grills and fire pit grills are popular choices for beach cooking, offering a relaxed and social atmosphere. Beach cooking requires careful planning, such as packing the right equipment and choosing a suitable location. Always check local regulations and fire bans before setting up your beach BBQ and be sure to clean up after yourself to preserve the natural beauty of the environment.                                                                                                      Products Auspit Portable Compact Camping Spit Rotisserie cooking on beach


          Outdoor barbequing in Australia is a diverse and exciting culinary experience, with a variety of BBQ types and cooking methods to suit every preference. Whether grilling in the backyard, roasting over a campfire, or sizzling up a feast on the beach, there's an Aussie BBQ experience for everyone. So, grab your tongs, fire up the grill, and embrace the joys of outdoor cooking in Australia.

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          Allan Cooper

          Allan Cooper, a licenced electrician is an avid foodie, with experience in spit roasting, smoking meats, and kegerators. He loves the outdoor living lifestyle and shares it with his young family.

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