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Sausages and Steaks grilling on the Parrilla BBQ

Choosing the Right BBQ in Australia: A Sizzling Guide

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Australia is famous for its love of BBQs, and with good reason – there's nothing quite like grilling up a feast in the great outdoors with friends and family. With so many BBQ options available, it can be challenging to choose the perfect one for your needs. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of selecting the right BBQ in Australia, exploring the different types, essential features, and fun facts to help you make an informed decision.

Types of BBQs in Australia

When it comes to BBQs in Australia, there's a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget. Here are the main types to consider:

Gas BBQ's

Popular for their convenience and ease of use, gas BBQs heat up quickly and offer precise temperature control. They're perfect for those who want to get grilling without the fuss of charcoal or wood.

Hooded Gas/charcoal BBQ with hood closed

Charcoal BBQs

For a traditional, smoky BBQ flavour, you can't beat a charcoal BBQ. They take longer to heat up, but the results are worth the wait. Charcoal BBQs are ideal for those who enjoy the hands-on experience and authentic taste of cooking over charcoal.

Kettle Charcoal BBQ full view with hood on


BBQ Rotisseries

These BBQs feature a rotating spit, allowing you to cook whole chickens, roasts, or other large cuts of meat evenly and slowly. They can be powered by gas or charcoal and are perfect for those who love tender, juicy, slow-cooked meats.

Spit Rotisserie with charcoaled chickens on and cooking

Electric BBQs

Ideal for apartment dwellers or those with limited outdoor space, electric BBQs plug into a power source and provide a smokeless, easy-to-use grilling experience.

 Key Features to Consider

When selecting the right BBQ for your needs, consider the following features:

  • Cooking area: Depending on how many people you'll typically be cooking for, choose a BBQ with an appropriate cooking area size. A larger cooking area allows you to grill more food at once, while a smaller area is more suitable for couples or small families.
  • Heat distribution: Look for a BBQ with even heat distribution across the cooking surface to ensure consistent cooking results.
  • Temperature control: Easy-to-use temperature controls are essential for precise cooking. Gas and electric BBQs typically offer the best temperature control options.
  • Build quality: opt for a BBQ made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or cast iron, to ensure durability and longevity.
  • Portability: If you plan to take your BBQ on camping trips or picnics, choose a portable, lightweight model for easy transport.

Fun Facts About BBQs in Australia

  • Australians love their BBQs so much that January 26th, Australia Day, thousands of BBQs are fired up across the country to celebrate with friends and family.
  • The word "barbecue" is thought to have originated from the Caribbean word "barabicu," which means "sacred fire pit."
  • Charcoal BBQs were first introduced to Australia in the 1940s, and gas BBQs became popular in the 1960s.
  • In Australia, "shrimp on the barbie" is a common phrase, but Australians prefer to call them "prawns."

Tips, Tricks, and Great Ideas for BBQ Enthusiasts

Now that you've selected the perfect BBQ, it's time to level up your grilling game with these tips, tricks, and ideas that will help you impress your friends and family:

  • Preheat your BBQ: Always preheat your BBQ for at least 10-15 minutes before cooking to ensure it reaches the optimal temperature for even cooking.
  • Oil your grates: To prevent food from sticking to the grates, lightly coat them with cooking oil using a brush or a paper towel.
  • Marinate and season: Enhance the flavour of your meat and vegetables by marinating them for at least an hour before grilling. Don't forget to season with salt and pepper or your favourite spice blend.
  • Use a meat thermometer: Ensure your meat is cooked to perfection by using a meat thermometer to check its internal temperature.
  • Create heat zones: Set up different heat zones on your BBQ by adjusting the burners or piling charcoal on one side. This will allow you to cook different foods at the same time and prevent overcooking.
  • Rest your meat: Allow your cooked meat to rest for a few minutes before cutting or serving to allow the juices to redistribute, resulting in tender, juicy meat.
  • Experiment with flavours: Elevate your grilling game by experimenting with different types of wood chips, marinades, and rubs to create unique, mouth-watering flavours.
  • Try indirect grilling: For larger cuts of meat or delicate items, try using indirect heat by placing the food away from the direct heat source. This will allow for slower, more even cooking and prevent burning.
  • Grill your sides: Don't limit yourself to just grilling meat – try grilling vegetables, fruits, and even pizza for a complete BBQ feast.
  • Keep your BBQ clean: Regularly clean your BBQ grates, burners, and drip trays to ensure optimal performance and prevent flare-ups.


Choosing the right BBQ in Australia is all about finding the perfect balance between your preferred cooking style, budget, and essential features. By considering the different types of BBQs available, including gas, charcoal, BBQ rotisseries, and electric options, and considering key features such as cooking area, heat distribution, temperature control, build quality, and portability, you'll be well on your way to enjoying sizzling, delicious BBQs with friends and family. Remember to explore our extensive list of tips, tricks, and ideas to make the most of your grilling experience and become a true BBQ master.

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Allan Cooper, a licenced electrician is an avid foodie, with experience in spit roasting, smoking meats, and kegerators. He loves the outdoor living lifestyle and shares it with his young family.

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