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Gas Pizza Oven | Cozze MK2 |13 or 17 Inch

Choose You Pizza Oven Type

Cozze Gas Pizza Ovens | Choose between 13 or 17 Inch

Cozze Gas Pizza Ovens : Effortless Pizzas at Your Fingertips

  • Create your own delicious homemade pizzas with our gas pizza ovens, available in two sizes: the Cozze 13 inch and the Cozze 17 inch. Take your pizza cooking game to the next level and embrace the art of creating perfectly cooked pizzas every time!
  • You can be enjoying sizzling hot and perfectly cooked pizza that is ready in just 2 minutes once your Cozze Gas Pizza Oven is preheated! Say goodbye to long waits and hello to instant pizza gratification. The Cozze gas pizza ovens are Perfect for gatherings, family feasts, or simply satisfying those pizza cravings.
  • Both models are crafted with precision and durability. A removable cordierite pizza stone ensures easy cleaning, while the included temperature gauge helps to control the heat for the perfect cook. These portable pizza ovens also have 4 sturdy legs with rubber feet to prevent the oven from marking the surface or slipping.
Gas Pizza Oven | Cozze MK2 |13 or 17 Inch front right view of pizza oven and temperature control

Cozze 13 Inch Gas Pizza Oven: Compact and Portable

Compact yet powerful, the Cozze 13 inch model is designed for efficiency without compromising on taste. Its 3-sided burner layout ensures that every inch of your pizza receives the ideal heat distribution. This portable pizza oven fits pizzas up to 34cm in diameter which make it ideal for your cosy home setup or a picnic at the park with friends and family.


  • Dimensions: Width 530mm × Length 530mm × Height 290mm
  • Weight: 17.5kg
  • Burner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Ignition: Electronic (AA batteries not included)
  • Gas Type: LPG gas only
  • BTU: 17000
  • Regulator Type: LCC27 (not included)
  • For large pizzas up to Ø340mm
  • Comes with a solid LFGB approved cordierite pizza stone
  • Materials: powder coated zinc plated steel
  • Pizza door included
Gas Pizza Oven | Cozze MK2 | 13 inch product specifications

Upgrade to a Larger Cooking Area with the Cozze 17 Inch Gas Pizza Oven

For those seeking more cooking real estate, the Cozze 17 inch is your go-to choice! Expand your pizza creating capabilities with its larger capacity, accommodating pizzas up to Ø42 cm. Its superior 8kW 3-zone U-shaped burner system guarantees phenomenal heat output and distribution for that perfectly cooked mouth-watering pizza every time.


  • New model made of lacquered zinc plated steel incl. thermometer
  • Dimensions: Width 605mm × Length 605mm × Height 305mm
  • Weight: 23.5kg
  • Gas Type: LPG gas only
  • Regulator Type: LCC27 (not included)
  • Materials: powder coated zinc plated steel
  • Ignition: Electric (AA batteries not included)
  • For large pizzas up to Ø42 cm
  • Comes with a solid LFGB approved cordierite pizza stone
  • Thermometer included
  • LED Control Knob
Gas Pizza Oven | Cozze MK2 | 17 Inch product specifications
  • CZ90552
  • CZ90556

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