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Pit Barrel Smoker & Cooker

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Pit Barrel Smoker & Cooker

Pit Barrel Smoker & Cooker Introduction

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  • The Pit Barrel Smoker & Cooker is proudly family owned and designed by the passionate Glanville family, and a team dedicated to turning dreams into reality. This isn't just any cooker, it's a game changer for anyone who loves outdoor cooking from beginners to seasoned pros.
  • In the heart of America, the Pit Barrel Cooker & Smoker reigns supreme as a beloved icon in outdoor cooking. Its ever growing popularity resonates deeply, becoming the go to choice for enthusiasts seeking amazing flavour and simplicity in their grilling and smoking adventures. With a devoted following and a legion of satisfied users worldwide, the Pit Barrel Cooker has become the fastest growing affordable smoker & cooker on the market.
  • The Pit Barrel stands tall among the ever growing smoking and cooking tribe worldwide, boasting nearly 10 thousand 5-star reviews. Its stellar reputation extends far and wide, capturing the hearts and taste buds of grill masters from every corner of the globe.
Pit Barrel Smoker & Cooker | Top view with meat attached to the hanging hooks

The Science Behind the Excellence

  1. Bid farewell to unevenly cooked food! Unlike conventional smokers and grills, the cylindrical shape and the Hook-'n'-Hang technique of the Pit Barrel ensure even heat distribution. The 360 degree All-round heat dynamics is the secret weapon to creating that perfectly cooked and great tasting food every time!
  2. The magic doesn't stop there, as the succulent juices drip onto the hot coals, a thick smoke fog swirls within the barrel, further enhancing the natural flavours of your creations. And when grilling on the included grate, enjoy equally impressive outcomes thanks to its greater distance from the heat source to reduce hot spots, ensuring an even cook on both the top and bottom.
  3. This 18.5-inch wonder easily handles 8 Racks of Ribs, 2-3 Pork Butts/Shoulders, or Briskets. Additionally, its Turkey Hangers allow up to 2 x 5.8 - 7 kg Turkeys, showcasing unmatched versatility at a fraction of the cost of traditional smokers and cookers. Crafted with heavy duty steel and a durable porcelain enamel coating, the Original Pit Barrel ensures lasting quality for the many years of outdoor cooking ahead of you!
  4. The Pit Barrel Smoker Comes With:
  • 2 x Hanging Rods
  • 8 x Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks
  • Cooking Grill with Handles
  • Timber Hook Removal Tool

Physical Dimensions:

  • 914mm Tall (Including lid and stand)
  • 635mm wide (Including the side handles)
Pit Barrel Smoker & Cooker | Inside view of how the smoke swirls around the inside of the barrel and engulfing the meat

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