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D-Type Keg Coupler with DM Variety Push-In Fittings in Stainless Steel/Alloy

In the Australian brewing scene, D-Type kegs are predominantly associated with large-scale commercial breweries. However, you'll also find some craft breweries opting for these kegs, showcasing their flexibility and appeal across the industry.

Our Keg King D-Type Couplers come packed with features that make keg handling a breeze:

  • 5/8" Male Beer and Gas Threads: The coupler body boasts 5/8" male beer and gas threads, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.
  • 2 x 5/8" to 5/16" DM Push-In Fittings: Simplify your gas and liquid line connections with these push-in fittings, making setup a snap.
  • 1 x Non-Return Ball or Torpedo Check Piece (Non-Return Liquid): Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your liquid flows in one direction, preventing backflow and ensuring a consistent pour.
  • 1 x Gas Duck Bill Valve (Non-Return Valve for Gas): Keep your gas supply regulated and your keg pressure under control, thanks to this efficient gas valve.

Brands that use D-Type Kegs

  • 4 Pines
  • Bulmers
  • Carlton Draught
  • Carlton Cold
  • Cascade
  • Cricketers Arms
  • Crown Lager
  • Fat Yak
  • Lazy Yak
  • Great Northern
  • Kingfisher
  • Konig
  • Monteiths
  • Mountain Goat
  • Peroni
  • Pure Blonde
  • Reschs Draught
  • Somersby
  • Tiger Beer
  • VB


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