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Infrared Heater | Electric | Industrial | Herschel Vulcan

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Herschel introduces the Vulcan 6-12 kW Infrared workshop heaters, specifically engineered for large spaces such as workshops and warehouses. They offer substantial benefits to users looking for alternatives to conventional gas or convection-based heating systems.

Infrared Heater | Electric | Industrial | Herschel Vulcan Key Features:

  • Can be mounted on either the wall or ceiling
  • Uses High-power Tungsten-Halogen lamps
  • Provides heating coverage over large areas
  • Made from durable components for a long lifespan
  • Requires professional installation
  • Operates on 3 Phase 380 – 415V power supply
  • Contact us for controller options when purchasing

Vulcan’s unique heating system provides heat exactly when and where you need it. It’s perfect for heating specific zones within a large space without causing air movement or any form of pollution. The Vulcan model is also equipped with fans which greatly enhance heat distribution in the direction the heating is pointing, while also extending the life of the lamps by keeping them cool without affecting their radiance.

Vulcan’s design allows for higher installation heights, better heat production in colder / higher altitude locations, and a larger heated area. They can be installed vertically downwards from heights upwards of 3.5m above the ground, or wall-mounted at 3.5m or above and angled downwards between 20 – 30˚.

Please note, 380 – 415V 3-phase power is necessary for Vulcan Heaters, and they must be installed by a commercial electrician. These heaters do not have built-in controls, so please discuss control options with us during the estimating phase of your heating project.

The purchase price includes the first set of lamps.

Infrared Heater | Electric | Industrial | Herschel Vulcan Technical Specifications:

  • Element: 3 or 6 2kW Low Glare Tungsten-Halogen Lamps producing 6 or 12kW
  • Useful Wavelength Range: 1µm
  • Body: Aluminium body
  • Cable length: 5m
  • Voltage: 380 – 415 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection: IP65
  • Guarantee: 2 years, excluding lamps.
  • IP Rating: IPXX


  1. M-VULCAN-6S: 6kW; Dimensions: 52.5 x 42 x 11cm
  2. M-VULCAN-6L: 6kW; Dimensions: 129 x 25.5 x 11cm
  3. M-VULCAN-12S: 12kW; Dimensions: 87.5 x 52.5 x 11cm
  4. M-VULCAN-12L: 12kW; Dimensions: 129 x 39 x 11cm

IMPORTANT: This unit is not suitable for household or similar use. Always refer to to the installation instructions before installing.

Infrared Heater | Electric | Industrial | Herschel Vulcan Documentation Manuals

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