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Infrared Heater | Electric | Indoor | Herschel Pulsar

Power | Colour

Introducing our masterpiece - the Pulsar, a zero light designer space heater that fuses functionality with contemporary aesthetics. Perfectly designed to be suspended from high ceilings, the Pulsar directly warms people below, making it an ideal choice for settings such as reception areas, restaurants, and public spaces. In smaller, enclosed spaces like hallways, the Pulsar also heats the entire zone and room.

Proudly made in Ireland, Pulsar utilizes top-quality materials ensuring durability, efficiency and maintenance-free operation. It takes approximately 10 minutes to warm up and is ideally used in conjunction with Herschel IQ controls.

Distinct Color Variations and Applications

The black Pulsar, with its higher power, is more effective for space/zone heating applications. The white Pulsar, on the other hand, is a lower power variant, ideal for heating smaller rooms or as a supplementary heat source to existing systems.

Infrared Heater | Electric | Indoor | Herschel Pulsar Technical Specifications

The Pulsar comes in two power options each with their unique specifications:

  • Black Pulsar (2.40kW System):

    • Rated Voltage: 230 V
    • Rated Current: 11.4 A
    • Fuse/Circuit Breaker Rating: 16 A
    • Element: 4 Ceramicx FTE Ceramic Elements
    • Body: Black coated mild steel
    • Unit size: 303 x 380 x 800mm - 28kg

  • White Pulsar (1.80kW System):

    • Rated Voltage: 230 V
    • Rated Current: 7.5 A
    • Fuse/Circuit Breaker Rating: 10 A
    • Element: 4 white glazed ceramic elements
    • Body: White coated mild steel
    • Unit size: 303 x 380 x 800mm - 28kg

Heating Capacity

  1. The white Pulsar (1800W) effectively heats an enclosed indoor area of 8 - 15m2 from a height of up to 2.5m.
  2. Conversely, the Black Pulsar (2400W) warms enclosed indoor areas of 12-20m2 from a height of up to 2.8m.

Please note, these are guideline areas and actual results may vary due to factors such as airflow and ambient temperatures. Property age/type, insulation levels, and levels of airflow present also impact the number of heaters required and their running times. for detailed information a datasheet and installation instructions are available at the end of this description (see below).

Infrared Heater | Electric | Indoor | Herschel Pulsar Key Features:

  • Zero light contemporary design
  • Black or white steel body
  • High power ceramic elements
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Ideal for hallways & staircases
  • Use with Herschel IQ controls

Safety Measures

The Herschel Pulsar operates at high temperatures. Ensure that the emitting surface is not placed closer than 1m to any object or wall. The sides and top should be no closer than 600mm from any surface or wall. After switch-off, the elements remain hot for a considerable time, and the unit should not be touched for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Warranty and Support

The Herschel Pulsar comes with a 12-month guarantee against failure due to faulty materials or workmanship from the date of purchase.

For a seamless blend of style, warmth and comfort, choose Pulsar - the zero light designer space heater

Infrared Heater | Electric | Indoor | Herschel Pulsar Documentation Manuals

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