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Designed in Australia, 2-year warranty, stainless steel, price match guarantee

Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster Rotisserie | 3 Motor sizes


Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster | Flaming Coals Overview

The Extendable Spit Roaster is available for FREE PICK-UP in Brisbane, also contact us for a cheaper delivery price from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast

This budget friendly spit roaster is your ultimate companion for all your outdoor grilling adventures. This innovative and versatile cooking tool is designed to suit all your roasting needs, from small gatherings to grand feast.

Built with quality materials and designed to provide an exceptional cooking experience, the Extendable Spit Roaster is the perfect addition to any outdoor event.

Whether you're hosting a small backyard gathering or an extravagant feast, this adjustable spit roaster guarantees mouth-watering results every time. Transform your grilling experience and impress your guests with this must-have outdoor cooking accessory.

How it Extends

The base of the tray consists of 2 pieces of metal which slide in and out of one another. The skewer provided with this set is a 2 piece skewer which joins together in the middle. When using the spit in its compact form, insert use one half of the skewer into the motor. When using the spit in its extended form, screw in the second half of the skewer so the skewer spans the entire length of the charcoal pan (or to the length you have extended the base to).

Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster | Flaming Coals with whole pig cooking
Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster  with chickens cooking

Three Motors to Choose From

Your roasting needs may vary depending on the size of your gathering. That's why our extendable spit has a choice of three different motor sizes - 30kg and 60kg 240 V direct drive motors and a 20 kg 12V motor for camping needs. All the motors are Australian designed, top of the range, and come with a 2 year warranty.

Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster  with pig on extended length

Extendable Spit and Charcoal Tray

The Extendable Spit Roaster can be easily adjusted in length to accommodate different-sized meats, ranging from a few chooks to a lamb or small pig. Furthermore, the spit height is adjustable up to 30 cm from the bottom to the top height.

Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster  packed up for storage

Compact Stoage and Included Accessories

No need to worry about storage space, as this roaster conveniently packs away into a compact box for easy storage and transport. In addition to this, it comes with 304 food grade safe stainless steel accessories, including prongs, skewer, and BBQ grill.

Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster Specifications and Dimensions

  • Fuel Type Charcoal
    Heat Beads
    Wood Fire
  • Height Adjustable Spit Yes
  • Extendable Length Yes
  • Compact Storage Yes
  • Motors 30 kg
    60 kg
    20 kg 12/240 V
  • Extended Length 1380 mm
  • Compact Length 780 mm
  • Compact Length with Spit 1080 mm
  • Width 560 mm
  • Height 1100 mm
  • Cooking Grill Length 750 mm
  • Cooking Grill Width 490 mm
  • Height to Cooking Grill 750 mm
  • Weight 29 kg
  • Materials 304 Stainless Steel Cooking
    Galvanized Steel Body
Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster  showing the dimensions

Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster Additional Features

  • Included Accessories 2-piece 12mm Extendable Skewer
    2x Large Prongs
    1x Back Brace
    1x BBQ Grills
    2x metal inserts on spit base
  • Accessories materials 304 Stainless Steel
    Food Grade
  • Storage Length 780 mm
  • Storage Width 560 mm
  • Storage Height 125 mm
  • Steel Thickness 1 mm base
    1 mm Metal Charcoal Sheet
  • Unique Features Folds into compact storage
    Limited screws requried
    5 minute assembly
  • Suitability Lambs
    Small Pigs
    Rolls of Meat
  • Warranty 2 year on motor
    1 year on body
  • Optional Extras Spit Accessories
Extendable BBQ Spit Roaster showing the spit in use as a compact and extendable form
  • sp007-MO001 - 30 kg 240V motor
  • sp007-MO004 - 60 kg 240V motor
  • sp007-MO002 - 20 kg 12V/240V motor

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