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Wood Fired Pizza Oven | Flaming Coals Overview

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Add a touch of pizza making mastery to your outdoor setting with our unrivalled wood fired pizza oven. This top-tier oven is the secret ingredient for creating genuine, restaurant-standard pizzas, juicy roasts, freshly-baked bread, and irresistible desserts right from the comfort of your backyard. You won't find a better quality pizza oven in Australia for this price, guaranteed!

Space, Quality, and Convenience Rolled into One

This wood fired pizza oven shines with a generously spacious cooking chamber, designed to accommodate up to four regular-sized pizzas all at once. This means you can effortlessly whip up a gastronomic extravaganza for your loved ones.

Heat Retention at High Temperatures Made Easy

The oven walls are thoroughly insulated, optimizing heat retention and decreasing wood usage. This energy-savvy design allows you to cook at soaring temperatures with ease, delivering the ideal crust on your pizzas and the most succulent roasts.

wood fired pizza oven with someone cooking pizzas and about to remove one
wood fired pizza oven with a pizza inside showing the insulated walls

Fully Double Insulated Walls

The walls of the oven are fully insulated all the way around, ensuring the heat is kept within and allowing temperatues up to 450 ºC to be achieved. The external walls won't burn you if you touch them, providing safety for the family.

a close up of the fire bricks used to insulate the floor of the wood fired pizza oven

30 mm Firebrick Floor

The floor of the oven is completely covered by 30 mm refractory firebricks. Heat is evenly transfered and pizzas can be firectly cooked on the bricks - no pizza stone required!

a front view of the wood fired pizza oven with a fire burning inside

Premium Construction and Rear Ash Drawer

Crafted with both convenience and durability in mind, this wood-fired pizza oven incorporates a handy rear ash drawer for effortless cleaning. The stainless steel construction, both inside and out, promises longevity and rust resistance, ensuring your oven stays looking brand new for years ahead.

Wood fired Pizza Oven Specifications and Dimensions

  • Fuel Type Charcoal
    Heat Beads
    Wood Fire
  • Floor Refractory 30 mm Firebrick
  • Thermometer Yes
  • Optimal Temperature 400-450 ºC
  • Pizza Capacity 4 Large Pizzas
  • Width 780 mm
  • Length 1100 mm
    (includes ash tray handle | front hob)
  • Height with Flue 1835 mm
  • Height (no Flue) 1270 mm
  • Cooking Length 955 mm
  • Cooking Width 700 mm
  • Cooking Height 350 mm
  • Wheels Yes | Lockable
  • Weight 130 kg
  • Materials Stainless Steel
  • Ash Tray At back
    For easy ash removal
  • Optional Extras Cover | Pizza Tools
wood fired pizza oven with dimensions showing

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Additional Information and Review Video


The oven flue and door may discolour due to the 400-450 degree temperatures your wood-fired pizza oven will reach. We highly recommend using a stainless steel Soft Cleanser to bring back that original, sparkling, stainless steel shine.

Backed by a 12-Month Warranty

We stand by the quality of this pizza oven, which is why it's backed by a 12-month warranty. This provides you with the assurance and protection for your investment, giving you absolute peace of mind.

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The Essential Wood Fired Pizza Oven FAQ Guide

Q: What is a wood-fired pizza oven?

A: A wood-fired pizza oven is a traditional outdoor cooking appliance designed to cook pizza and other dishes using the heat generated by burning wood. It typically features a dome-shaped chamber with a thick insulation layer, providing efficient heat retention and even cooking.

Q: How do wood-fired pizza ovens work?

A: Wood-fired pizza ovens work by burning wood inside the oven chamber, creating radiant, convection, and conduction heat. The heat generated cooks the pizza quickly, resulting in a crispy crust and perfectly melted toppings.

Q: What type of wood should I use in my wood-fired pizza oven?

A: Use seasoned hardwoods like oak, hickory, or maple for the best flavor and optimal heat generation. Avoid using softwoods, as they can produce excessive smoke and creosote, which may affect the taste of your pizza.

Q: How do I heat my wood-fired pizza oven?

A: To heat your wood-fired pizza oven, start by building a fire in the center of the oven chamber using kindling and small pieces of hardwood. Gradually add larger pieces of wood, allowing them to fully ignite. Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, move the fire to one side or the back of the oven and start cooking your pizza.

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Q: What is the ideal temperature for cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven?

A: The ideal temperature for cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven ranges from 350°C to 450°C. At these temperatures, a pizza can cook in just 1-3 minutes, depending on the thickness of the crust and toppings.

Q: Can I cook other dishes besides pizza in my wood-fired oven?

A: Yes, wood-fired ovens are versatile and can be used to cook various dishes, including bread, roasted meats, vegetables, and desserts. Simply adjust the oven temperature and cooking time based on the specific dish.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my wood-fired pizza oven?

A: Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for your wood-fired pizza oven. After each use, remove any remaining ashes using a brush or shovel. Occasionally, clean the oven floor and walls with a damp cloth or mop. Make sure the oven is completely cool before cleaning. To maintain the oven's performance, inspect it regularly for cracks or other signs of wear and repair as needed.

Q: How do I know when my pizza is done cooking in a wood-fired oven?

A: When cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven, look for a crispy and slightly charred crust, bubbling cheese, and cooked toppings. The cooking process is quick, so keep a close eye on your pizza and rotate it as needed for even cooking.

Q: Do I need to use a pizza stone in my wood-fired oven?

A: No, a pizza stone is not required when using a wood-fired oven. The oven's floor is designed to provide even heat distribution, which allows for a perfectly cooked pizza without the need for a pizza stone.

Q: What are some tips for getting the best results when using a wood-fired pizza oven?

A: To achieve the best results, preheat your oven, use quality hardwood for fuel, prepare your pizza on a well-floured surface to prevent sticking, and monitor the cooking process closely. Additionally, experiment with different oven temperatures, cooking times, and toppings to find the perfect combination for your desired pizza style.

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