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When it comes to barbecuing, the type of charcoal you use can make a world of difference. Gidgee natural lump charcoal is here to elevate your grilling experience. Here's what sets it apart:

1. Unmatched Density and Heat: Gidgee charcoal is known for its incredible density and weight. These qualities translate to one thing: high heat and a longer burn time. 

2. Minimal Ash Production: While Gidgee charcoal might produce a bit more ash compared to some alternatives, it's a non-issue unless you're grilling in windy conditions. Enjoy your barbecue without worrying about excessive ash.

3. Sustainability and Purity: Our Gidgee charcoal is a product of Queensland, sustainably sourced and completely chemical-free. We've screened it over a 50mm sift to minimize crumbs, ensuring you get quality lumps. While the average size is around 70mm, don't be surprised to find larger chunks in your bag. Charcoal can be fragile, so some crumbs are inevitable during transport.

4. Versatile Grilling: Thanks to its size and burning characteristics, Gidgee charcoal shines in high-heat barbecuing for searing steaks. It's equally impressive for smoking using methods like the snake or minion technique. Its exceptional heat output and extended burn time make it a top choice for offset smokers, ugly drum smokers, pizza ovens, and height-adjustable charcoal grills.

5. Various Sizes: We offer Gidgee Lump Charcoal in two convenient sizes: lump (20 mm to 70 mm) and chunky (70 mm - 150 mm). Choose the one that suits your grilling needs.

Key Features of Gidgee Lump Charcoal:

  • Clean Burning: Very low smoke, just pure grilling pleasure.
  • Easy to Light: Get your barbecue started hassle-free.
  • Lightweight: Charcoal that's lighter than wood for easy handling.
  • Long Burning: Enjoy extended grilling sessions.
  • Even Heat: Achieve consistent cooking results.

Important Note: Always ensure proper ventilation when using charcoal in enclosed spaces or rooms. Never touch white ash with your hands, as it might conceal red-hot coals. Avoid using charcoal in gas or electric ovens or stoves, and keep it out of reach of children. You can safely extinguish charcoal fires and ash with water.

Elevate your barbecue game with Gidgee Lump Charcoal, the choice of Queensland's finest restaurants and BBQ enthusiasts. Grill, roast, and smoke your favorite dishes with the exceptional heat and quality of Gidgee charcoal.