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Designed in Australia, 2-year warranty, stainless steel, price match guarantee

BBQ Spit Roaster | Deluxe Cyprus | 3 Motor Sizes


3 motor sizes to choose from - 13/15/25 kg (see specifications below)

This feature packed spit rotisserie is the ultimate cooking machine for all your outdoor grilling needs. With its multifunctional design, this rotisserie is sure to become your new favorite cooking tool.

Deluxe Cyprus Spit Roaster Features:

  1. One of the standout features of the Deluxe Cyprus Spit Roaster is its extra thick 10mm skewers. These skewers are perfect for holding large cuts of meat, allowing you to cook up a feast for your friends and family.
  2. The rotisserie comes with strong 5mm diameter kebab skewers,
  3. a warming rack,
  4. a charcoal tray,
  5. a basket (for cooking chicken wings, fish, vegetables etc)
  6. 2 gyros disks (designed to be used for Yeros or Kebab style meat)
  7. and 2 chicken prongs.

With all these accessories, you'll have everything you need to cook up a storm. See below for a full list of specifications

The Deluxe Cyprus Spit Roaster is also incredibly versatile. It features:

  • simple height adjustment, so you can adjust the height of your food as it cooks. This means you can cook different types of meat at the same time, or adjust the height to achieve the perfect char on your food.

  • The rotisserie also comes with 2 motors, which means you can cook gyros on the large skewer and kebabs as entrees on the smaller skewers simultaneously.

  • And if you're not in the mood for spit roasting, the Deluxe Cyprus Spit Roaster can easily transform into a simple BBQ. Just remove the skewers, place the cooking grill on the height adjustable mechanics, and you're ready to grill up some delicious steaks and sausages.

Made from high-quality materials (see specifications), this Deluxe Cyprus Spit Roaster is built to last. It's easy to use and clean, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal. Whether you're grilling for a large party or just cooking up a family meal, the Deluxe Cyprus Spit Roaster is the perfect tool for the job. Order yours today and enjoy the ultimate grilling experience in your own backyard!

The Cyprus Grill is Suitable for:

  1. Charcoal BBQ using the height adjustable grill provided
  2. gyros, roasts, chickens, kondosouvli using the large skewers provided
  3. Vegetables, sausages, fish etc. in the basket
  4. Kebabs, veggies, prawns and corn using the small skewers provided

Deluxe Cyprus Spit Roaster Specifications:

NOTE:  Only the parts listed below are included

  • 2mm gauge thick stainless steel body
  • Free Stainless steel charcoal tray (due to the abuse the charcoal pan takes, this component is not covered by warranty)
  • - 2 x 13kg load capacity motor. Runs of either 12v or 240v (alligator clips and transformer provided). 
    - Alternatively, you can upgrade to 2 x 15kg variable 12/240 V motor.
    - If the unit sits at home and you run it off mains power than the larger 25kg rated 240 V workhorse might be the best option - capable of cooking the largest roasts!
  • 3 x 10mm thick S/S skewers
  • 12 x 5mm thick S/S skewers
  • 2 x S/S prongs
  • 2 x S/S gyros disks (150mm round diameter)
  • 1 x S/S basket (350mm long - adjustable in width)
  • 1 x S/S grill
  • 4 x wheels
  • Easy height adjustment functionality
  • Extra shelf to add stability and act as a storage/warming rack
  • Side handles for easy movement
  • Removable legs for easy transportation
  • All gears in the gear mechanisms are moulded using advanced technology powdered metallurgy and protected using Dacromet coating. This ensures they are the most durable BBQ gear mechanisms on the market, far superior to the common aluminium gears.
  • 2 year warranty on motor / 1 year warranty on spit body. 
  • Charcoal pans are not covered by warranty. 

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