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57cm Kettle Rotisserie Kit | Flaming Coals

If you're the proud owner of a Weber Kettle, Pro Smoke, or any other 57cm round Kettle BBQ, and you're in search of a spit rotisserie kit specifically designed for your Weber, then look no further than the 57cm Kettle Rotisserie Kit. This kit offers exceptional value for your money and stands out in the market.

The 57cm Kettle Rotisserie Kit is incredibly versatile and compatible with kettle BBQs ranging from 51cm to 58.8cm, thanks to its handy adaptor ring. It includes a round ring insert that securely fits onto your Kettle BBQ base, along with a sturdy 1-piece 8mm skewer, 2 prongs, and a reliable 240v motor capable of handling an 8kg balanced load.

With this kit, you can transform your 57cm, 22" Kettle into a multifunctional cooking powerhouse. Whether you desire a smoker, a charcoal BBQ, or a rotisserie, this spit kit has got you covered. Imagine the joy of savouring mouth-watering spit-roasted pork, chicken, or beef. The magic happens as the meat slowly rotates above the charcoal, constantly self-marinating in its own succulent juices. Indulge in these delectable meals right in the comfort of your own home, thanks to the Kettle Rotisserie Kit.

57cm Kettle Rotisserie Kit | Specifications

  • Ring size: 57cm x 15cm steel with black high-temperature coating.
  • 51 - 58.8cm adaptor ring (To make this compatible with the diameter variation in different kettle BBQs, an adapter ring is also provided that suits 51 - 58.8cm kettle BBQ opening)
  • Rotisserie kit includes a 1 piece 8mm Chrome skewer with handle and 2 Chrome prongs
  • 240v motor capable of turning up to 8kg of balanced meat. This Rotisserie kit is compatible with 22" 57cm Weber Kettles, Pro Smoke and many more 57cm kettle BBQs.

NOTE: Due to the varying diameters different kettles brands have, this kettle rotisserie ring is NOT designed to be used with the lid of the kettle and the lid will NOT fit properly. In our experience, the best result when cooking with a rotisserie is not to use a lid/hood as it gets way too hot.

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