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24.5cm Cast Iron Skillet | Flaming Coals

Experience the timeless durability and exceptional cooking performance of our Cast Iron Skillet 24.5cm. Crafted to withstand the test of time, this cookware is passed down through generations, maintaining its cooking prowess from day one. With its high-quality construction and pre seasoned finish, you can start cooking with this skillet straight out of the box. No tedious preparation required, and minimal aftercare needed.

Benefit from the remarkable features of cast iron. Its robust construction ensures superior heat retention, even heat distribution, and consistent cooking results. Whether positioned over hot coals or placed on a versatile tripod over an open fire, this pan delivers exceptional culinary outcomes.

Cast iron pans offer a multitude of advantages, including impressive heat retention and the ability to develop a natural non-stick coating over time. Sear your steak to perfection, maintain a steady temperature for deep-frying, or bake your favourite cake recipe with confidence. Compared to other cookware options, cast iron provides cost-effectiveness, versatility, and near-indestructibility.

Take care of your cast iron cookware, and it will last a lifetime. Follow the proper cleaning and care process to preserve its quality, allowing you to pass it down as a cherished gift for future generations to enjoy.


  • Pre-Seasoned skillet so you can start cooking right away
  • Solid cast iron construction for great heat dispersion and heat retention – in case you want to serve a dish in the pan itself, it will most likely remain warm for the entire meal. Be careful to use heatproof gloves while handling it as it transfers heat very well.
  • Pouring spouts on both sides
  • Naturally non-stick surface due to the seasoning – you can prepare delicious meals with less oil
  • Iron intake – if you are iron deficient, the cast iron cookware will leach iron into your food and help provide the 18 mg of iron adult women need daily.
  • Long-lasting - made from the same base material that builds engine blocks, they are guaranteed to last a very, very long time. In fact, the more you cook with it, the better (and more seasoned) it gets.
  • Versatile – you can use your cast iron skillet for almost any cooking experience.


  • Product total length with handle 41cm
  • Cooking area 26cmW x 3cmH

Just a reminder, Try to never wash your cast iron skillet with soap or harsh chemicals. If you do then you will need to re season the pan. 

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