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Pizza Oven with perfectly cooked pizza in it

Pizza Ovens: Transform Your Backyard into a Wood Fired Pizzeria

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There's nothing quite like the taste of a pizza cooked in a wood fired pizza oven. The smoky flavour, the crispy crust, and the bubbling cheese all come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. If you're ready to bring that experience to your own backyard, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits and features of outdoor pizza ovens and why they're becoming a must-have addition to outdoor living spaces.

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Black wood fired pizza oven with front door open
The Authentic Taste of a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    The primary reason many people invest in an outdoor pizza oven is the exceptional taste that comes from cooking pizza in a wood fired environment. The high heat generated by a wood fired pizza oven creates a perfectly crispy crust, while the smoke from the burning wood adds a unique depth of flavour to every bite. With an outdoor pizza oven, you can bring the flavours of an authentic Italian pizzeria right to your backyard.

    Types of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

    There's a wide range of outdoor wood fired pizza ovens available, each with its own set of features and benefits. Some popular options include:

    • Traditional wood fired pizza ovens:

      These are built using bricks or refractory materials, offering an authentic pizza-making experience. They typically take longer to heat up but retain heat well, allowing you to cook multiple pizzas in a row.

    • Portable pizza ovens:

      These smaller, lightweight ovens are perfect for those who want the convenience of a wood fired pizza oven without a permanent installation. They're easy to transport and quick to heat up. Perfect to take on a camping trip, 4wding, gathering at the park or just a cook up at home.

    • Gas-fired pizza ovens:

      If you prefer the ease of propane or natural gas, these pizza ovens offer a similar cooking experience to wood fired ovens without the need for wood.

    Cooking More Than Just Pizza

    While outdoor wood fired pizza ovens are designed specifically for cooking pizza, they can also be used to cook a variety of other dishes. The high heat and smoky environment are perfect for baking bread, roasting meats and vegetables, or even cooking desserts. With a wood fired pizza oven, you'll have a versatile outdoor cooking appliance that's capable of much more than just pizza.

    roast pork cooking in woof fire pizza oven
    Create a Unique Outdoor Living Space

    An outdoor wood fired pizza oven can become the focal point of your backyard, transforming it into an inviting space for entertaining friends and family. Whether you're hosting a casual pizza night or a more formal dinner party, your outdoor pizza oven will provide an interactive and engaging cooking experience that everyone will enjoy.

    Maintaining and Caring for Your Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    To ensure your wood fired pizza oven remains in top condition and provides you with years of delicious pizzas, it's essential to properly maintain and care for it. Here are some tips to help you keep your pizza oven in perfect working order:

    • Cleaning: After each use, wait for your pizza oven to cool down completely. Use a brush or scraper to remove any leftover food particles and ash. If your oven has a removable ashtray, empty it regularly. Avoid using water to clean the interior, as it can cause damage to the oven's surface.

    • Weather protection: If your wood fired pizza oven is not located under a covered area, invest in a weatherproof cover to protect it from rain, snow, and harsh weather conditions. This will help prevent rust, cracks, and other damage.
    • Regular inspections: Check your pizza oven regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or loose bricks. If you notice any issues, consult a professional for repairs to prevent further damage.
    • Seasonal maintenance: If you won't be using your pizza oven during the colder months, give it a thorough cleaning and cover it securely to protect it from the elements.

    Tips for Making the Perfect Wood Fired Pizza

    Now that you have your wood fired pizza oven set up and ready to go, it's time to start making delicious wood fired pizzas. Here are some tips to help you achieve pizza perfection:

    • Use the right type of wood: Choose hardwoods such as oak, maple, or hickory, which burn hotter and produce less smoke than softwoods. Avoid using treated or painted wood, as it can release harmful chemicals when burned.
    • Preheat your pizza oven: Allow your wood fired pizza oven to preheat for at least 45 minutes to an hour before cooking your pizza. This will ensure even heat distribution and a perfectly crispy crust.
    • Use a pizza stone: A pizza stone will help to evenly distribute heat and absorb excess moisture, resulting in a perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy crust. Place the pizza stone in the oven during the preheating process so it's hot and ready for your pizza.
    • Prepare your pizza dough: For the best results, use a high-quality pizza dough recipe that's specifically designed for wood fired pizza ovens. This will give you the right consistency and texture for the high heat environment.
    • Use fresh, high-quality ingredients: Choose fresh, high-quality toppings to enhance the flavours of your wood fired pizza. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to toppings, as too many can weigh down the dough and make it difficult to cook evenly.
    • Monitor the cooking process: Keep an eye on your pizza as it cooks, as wood fired pizza ovens can cook quickly. Rotate your pizza as needed to ensure even cooking and a perfectly browned crust.
    • Practice makes perfect: Like any cooking technique, mastering the art of wood fired pizza takes practice. Don't be discouraged if your first few attempts don't turn out perfectly – you'll get better with time and experience.

    perfectly cooked pizza in pizza oven


    Investing in a wood fired pizza oven is an excellent way to elevate your backyard and create a truly unique outdoor living space. With a variety of options available, you're sure to find the perfect wood fired pizza oven to suit your needs and preferences. So gather your friends, fire up your new wood fired pizza oven, and get ready for unforgettable evenings filled with mouth-watering pizza and great memories.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

    1. What is a wood fired pizza oven?

      • A wood fired pizza oven is an outdoor cooking appliance designed to cook pizza and other foods using wood as a heat source. The high heat generated by the burning wood and the oven's dome shape provide an authentic, crispy crust and unique flavor to the pizza.

    2. What type of wood should I use in my wood fired pizza oven?

      • It's essential to use dry, seasoned hardwood for your wood fired pizza oven. Some popular choices include oak, maple, hickory, and fruitwoods like apple or cherry. Avoid using softwoods, greenwood, or treated wood, as they can produce excessive smoke and harmful chemicals.

    3. How long does it take to heat a wood fired pizza oven?

      • Heating times for wood fired pizza ovens can vary depending on the oven's size and design, but typically, it takes around 1 to 2 hours to reach the ideal temperature range (800°F - 900°F / 425°C - 480°C) for cooking pizza.

    4. What other foods can I cook in my wood fired pizza oven?

      • A wood fired pizza oven is versatile and can be used to cook a variety of foods, including:
        1. Breads and pastries.
        2. Roasted meats and vegetables.
        3. Casseroles and baked dishes.
        4. Desserts like cobblers and crisps.

    5. How do I maintain and clean my wood fired pizza oven?

      • To maintain and clean your wood fired pizza oven, follow these steps:
        1. Allow the oven to cool completely after use.
        2. Remove any remaining ash and debris with a metal brush or shovel.
        3. Wipe the oven's interior and cooking surface with a damp cloth, if needed.
        4. Inspect the oven's exterior for cracks or damage and make any necessary repairs.
        5. Cover the oven when not in use to protect it from the elements.

    6. What is the ideal temperature for cooking pizza in a wood fired oven?

      • The optimal temperature for cooking pizza in a wood fired oven is typically between 800°F and 900°F (425°C and 480°C). This high heat allows the pizza to cook quickly, creating a crispy crust and a perfectly cooked interior.

    7. Do I need any special tools or accessories for my wood fired pizza oven?

      • Some helpful tools and accessories for your wood fired pizza oven include:
        1. A long-handled pizza peel for placing and removing pizzas from the oven.
        2. A pizza cutter or rocker knife for slicing your cooked pizzas.
        3. A long-handled brush or scraper for cleaning the oven's interior.
        4. Heat-resistant gloves for handling hot items.
        5. An infrared thermometer to measure the oven's temperature accurately.
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