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Portable Pellet Smoker, three views with smoker sitting on table, and lid open with food cooking

The Ultimate Guide to Portable Pellet Smokers: Everything You Need to Know

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If you're a barbecue enthusiast, you know that the key to great-tasting meat is in the BBQ smoker. While traditional BBQ smokers require a significant amount of space and can be difficult to move around, pellet smokers offer a convenient and portable solution for on-the-go smoking. In this post, we'll explore everything you need to know about portable pellet smokers, from what they are and how they work to their benefits and drawbacks. So, whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard BBQ beginner, read on to discover the world of portable pellet smokers.

What is a Portable Pellet Smoker?

A pellet smoker, also known as a pellet grill, is a type of smoker that uses wood pellets as fuel. Pellet smokers have become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to their ease of use, consistent temperature control, and flavourful results. A portable pellet smoker is a smaller version of a traditional pellet smoker, designed to be compact and lightweight for easy transportation. You can find our range of pellet smokers here.

Portable pellet smoker showing a person opening the lid


How Do Portable Pellet Smokers Work?

Portable pellet smokers work by using an electric igniter to ignite wood pellets, which are then fed into a firebox by an auger. As the pellets burn, they produce smoke and heat that is circulated around the cooking chamber by a fan. Pellet smokers typically have a temperature range of 82 to 260 degrees Celsius, which can be adjusted using a digital controller. This precise temperature control is what makes pellet smokers so popular among BBQ enthusiasts, as it allows for consistent results every time.

Benefits of Portable Pellet Smokers

There are many benefits to using a portable pellet smoker, including:

  • Convenience: Portable pellet smokers are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport to tailgates, camping trips, or other outdoor events.

  • Versatility: Pellet smokers can be used for a variety of cooking methods, including smoking, grilling, baking, and roasting. This makes them a versatile option for those who enjoy cooking outdoors.

  • Flavour: Pellet smokers use real wood pellets to create smoke, which adds a unique and delicious flavour to the meat. This is why many pit masters prefer pellet smokers over other types of smokers.

  • Consistent Results: The precise temperature control offered by pellet smokers ensures that your meat is cooked to perfection every time. This is especially important when smoking meat, as even slight temperature fluctuations can affect the final result.

Drawbacks of Portable Pellet Smokers

While there are many benefits to using a portable pellet smoker, there are also a few drawbacks to consider:

  • Limited Fuel Options: Pellet smokers require special wood pellets to operate, which can be more expensive and harder to find than other types of fuel.

  • Power Source: Portable pellet smokers require an electrical outlet to operate, which can be a challenge when cooking outdoors. While some models come with a built-in battery or generator, these options can add to the overall cost of the smoker.

Top Portable Pellet Smokers on the Market

If you're in the market for a portable pellet smoker, we have two of the best options on the market.

The Asmoke AS300 portable smoker, 

This versatile grill is designed to do it all - from BBQ and bake to roast, braise, smoke, sear, broil, and char-grill your favorite dishes to perfection.

Equipped with a smart temperature control system, The ASMOKE Portable pellet grill ensures consistent cooking temperatures, making it easy for even novice grillers to achieve professional-quality results. Whether you're slow-cooking ribs or searing steaks, this grill will help you achieve mouth-watering, perfectly cooked meals every time.

And the AS350 Portable Pellet Smoker, with this little weapon of a smoker you can experience the all new patented ASCA system that will give you a whole new level of cooking.

With the all-new ASCA System™, this Portable Pellet Smoker now comes equipped with a unique cool-down vapor flow technology that allows for the auto-collection of pellet ash on the bottom tray. This means that you can enjoy cleaner burning pellets and the convenience of auto-ash cleaning, without ever having to vacuum your grill again.

But that's not all, the ASMOKE Portable Pellet Smoker also boasts micro-particles technology, which ensures that the humid airflow in the grill is maintained, creating unique flavours like never before. This means that you can add any liquid seasonings, beer, whiskey, wine, diluted sauces, and so on, and the superheated steam created by the brand new ASCA System™ technology will make your meat juicier, tender, and loaded with flavour.

close upp of an asmoke portable pellet smoker


Portable pellet smokers are a great option for those who enjoy outdoor cooking and want the convenience and versatility of a portable appliance. While they do come with a few drawbacks, such as cost and limited fuel options, the benefits of consistent temperature control, portability and delicious, smoky flavour make them a popular choice among BBQ enthusiasts. If you're in the market for a portable pellet smoker, consider one of the top models mentioned in this post or do your own research to find the perfect one for your needs. With a portable pellet smoker, you can enjoy the flavours and aromas of traditional BBQ smoking no matter where you are. Happy grilling!

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