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The 240v Stainless Steel BBQ Spit Rotisserie Motor, with its 20kg capacity, stands out as a premium choice compared to the standard motors that come with most gas BBQs. It boasts the strength to rotate up to 20kg of evenly distributed meat, ensuring you can cater to all your guests with ease. This motor is an ideal upgrade if you're looking to replace your existing one or if you simply require a more robust option for larger quantities of food. Additionally, it's designed to be compatible with slide-on brackets ranging from 71 to 77mm in width, so you can easily check if it fits your setup.

This motor is particularly useful for anyone wanting to upgrade their rotisserie weight on the fire brick Parrilla models shown below. with this motor you can increase the capacity from 8 kg to 20 kg - more than doubling what you can cook on your parrilla grill!


20 kg rated Rotisserie Motor | Medium & Large Parrilla Features:

  • 240v motor 
  • Factory tested to turn a 20kg balanced load
  • Suits up to 95% of 4-6 Burner BBQs
  • Suits 71 - 77mm wide mounting brackets
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Fits 8mm square skewer
  • Draws 15 watts
  • 2RPM output speed
  • 12 month warranty